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For crying out loud

March 1, 2008

A day or so ago, I was in the middle of watching something I forget what when suddenly zoom flash, and dramatic music cuts in while the camera moves in to two newscasters; “Good Afternoon, We’ve just received word that there has been a MASSIVE explosion in Waukegan Which is located in Chicago.” ” We take you there now Live thanks to our affiliates in…” blah blah (something or other sounded garbled). I watch warily as a lump forms in my throat and I feel my heart slam into my chest far faster than it ever should. My hands are shaking as I try to listen to the news and read the red crawl running across the bottom of the screen. To the right they list the current terror threat level. I whisper a silent prayer and sit on the couch with my mom to listen to the specifics and as I hear them I realize, (rolling my eyes) the obvious. “Oh for crying out loud people it’s a gas leak that led to an explosion!”(I’m yelling at the TV at that point). These clowns were making it seem like Alkida had set up shop and were dropping bombs on Chicago. I sighed realizing I had been holding my breath for almost a minute. “Sheez I have got to stop watching the news”, I mumble to no one in particular. I had made a promise to myself to only rely on what I call my “worthy internet news sources”.

Such as: Christian Worthy News

Raiders News Network

Live Leak
The first site gives news with a Christian Conservative Bias if you just want the news go for the news pages and steer clear of the commentary. The second site is a little on the Hokey side, talks about a lot of conspiracy theories some hold water when it comes to the Mason’s , Illuminati and The New World Order but the UFO’s and other Mumbo Jumbo you can throw out the window (your choice, I say use discernment). The last site is for adults only because it has uncut news footage from around the world, I found this out the hard way when I watched a suicide bomber blow themselves up, I didn’t think they were actually going to show it but they did. I was disturbed and sickened by this for days, the scene repeated itself in my mind. Tread very carefully on that site. Now I know some of you are still wondering why do I even go to those extremes, I mean sheeze just a little jumpy after a newscast that can’t possibly be why right? Right! The reason why I steer clear is because the Media is spoon feeding us, making us mindless automatons, willing to believe the “Chicken Little, sky is falling” fiasco. “The terrorists are coming!” “The terrorists are coming!” “So let’s all run and sign away all of our rights” Yes Mr. President, we need a national I.D. card embedded with an RFID to track our every move. Sure Mr. President we need RFID chips embedded in all of our passports. Oh yah and by the way, we all believed the governments story about the reasons why it was taking so long for everyone to get their passports. They blamed it on Katrina and lack of staff and the cow jumping over the moon. Only a few of us knew the real reason sirs, you were busily inserting chips into them. It’s funny how my dog has a chip and we have lo-jack cars, and even Disney has phones where busy parents can track their child’s every movement, but we are still looking for Osama….. What is even crazier is how our government thinks we are actually so stupid!! Do they really think we still believe that a man with a towel wrapped around his head, suffering from kidney failure and hiding in a cave, is masterminding our destruction? Do you really think we still believe this is about “Weapons of mass destruction” or should I say “mass distraction”. Our gas prices rise steadily and we are crying so foul and so loud that our commander in chief has become uncomfortable and has given us all a pacifier to stick in our big mouths. Our economic stimulus pacifier is not going to go anywhere but to our already dehydrated gas tanks, and some of that money that we give those gas companies strangely is going to go in our presidents own pocket. I’m tired of this, Mr. President, and whoever else wants to still behave like little boys in the sandbox who can’t share, go put on some boxing gloves. Set up a ring at the U.N. and go duke it out head to head with the leaders of the nations you have grudges with. You go fight and no one else, that way it will end after less than one round. I bet you would send yourself home real quick now wouldn’t you?!

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  1. March 8, 2008 6:38pm

    700 club news is still kind of cool….

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