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Bandaids don’t always work

March 2, 2008


Hanging out in one of my favorite places You Tube, I ran across an embittered soul. I sent this seed to her with hopes that one day someone will come along and water what has been planted, for the Son(Jesus) is always shining on his children. I pray for this sister. This is what I said to her….

” I endured years of molestation and being raped more than once, and through it all I learned to lean on God and develop a relationship with him and not man. Man will let you down every time because they are just that…. men, God says that he is not a man that he should lie, so maybe you don’t go to church but, that should not stop you from developing a relationship with God and allowing him to begin healing some of your deep hurts. Sometimes people can do you wrong and an apology is in order, other times a healing is in order along with the apology because damage was done on the inside that now shows on the outside as a scar. What is a scar? A scar in the medical sense is a sign that an injury has occurred and that a healing took place but the wound did not close cleanly and it left a scar, black people have a tendency to keloid because of our thicker texture of skin. We can have a small cut but leave a big scar sometimes  because of faulty healing processes, this is what can happen spiritually, a series of incidences can happen to you, not all at once but throughout your life and this causes a collection of scars much like the web of scar tissue that forms in a woman with endometriosis preventing her from becoming pregnant because the scar tissue literally traps her reproductive organs in a web of tangled scar tissue. This web of tissue stops her from ever being productive as far as having kids is concerned so she is barren, can you see the correlation? The devil is trying to tie your life up with a web of scar tissue and make you barren having ministry in you is much like carrying a child, you are pregnant with it and the devil does all he can to cause you to miscarry or abort your mission and vision a lot of times before you even realize it. That is why children are aborted to the tune of millions per year, and upwards of 60% of those abortions come from God fearing women. The devil will do anything to halt a visionary from coming forth, he will stop at nothing to close your mouth for good. I was locked in a military chapel and assaulted and beaten to the point that I turned away from God and became a practitioner of black magic and voodoo. My excuse….? I asked God, “How could you let that happen to me in your house?” I ran from my ministry for years angry at the one that would ultimately save me from my sins and from my self. I used to watch the surgeons in the military, do something they call a scar revision surgery. It is where they go in and cut out all the scar tissue and laser the scar tissue so that it won’t grow back as more scar tissue. They use skin glue instead of stitches in a lot of cases so it heals without a keloid but just a thin line. What I’m trying to say is, it heals with no scar. Only God can do this surgery on a spiritual level, because if not your scars of bitterness, resentment and depression will continue to show and these scars will begin to manifest in other ways such as high blood pressure, diabetes, migraines and ultimately they will kill you.”

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  1. March 6, 2008 6:38pm

    As I told you, this is powerful and moving!

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