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Pretzels anyone? (Revised version)

March 2, 2008


Hanging out at TBCP a brother asked about Christians practicing yoga. And specifically about the words to an old Earth, Wind and Fire song The Serpentine Fire. (The song is copyrighted so I must show the entire song lyrics along with the authors of the song. I will include them at the bottom of this post.) As far as Yoga is concerned and this song, I was only to happy to let him know just how dangerous both were. Here is my post (revisions included) from the forum the first part is a quote from Come let us reason ministries:

“Tantra, associated with Kundalini Yoga, is the worship of God as the Divine Mother; (for those who are femininely inclined) it stresses the union of the male and female aspects of the individual, to awake the Snake. Tantra’s most important and unique characteristic is its use of sexual imagery to portray enlightenment, the return to Oneness beyond duality of life. When Kundalini has been awakened, as a result of secret yogic techniques, she rises through the chakras of the spineestock_commonswiki_259987_tn.jpg slithering like a snake upward to reunion with Shiva at the crown of the head. When god and goddess unite in sexual embrace, enlightenment occurs, illusion vanishes, and there is only One. This rising Kundalini flow also causes one to go into an altered state of consciousness, as the heart chakra opens. This can be one of the most dangerous practices in yoga and is not to be underestimated in its ability to harm. Connected with the Kundalini practice is an elaborate occult system that sees the human body as integrated to within and without. The occultists world view is summed up by the statement as “within so without.” The Beatles sang a song influenced by the Maharishi “life flows within you an without you.” Yogis have the ability to slow down their breathing surviving on almost no oxygen and to remain motionless for hours, thus freeing themselves from the supposed “illusion” of this life.”(From come let us reason ministries)

Here is where I stepped on my soapbox:

While I was a student at VCU I picked up two minor focus areas with my major in Health Science and they are Psychology and Religious studies. I chose these because I am nosy by nature and an analyst by design. I was literally born with a question mark on my face I wanted to know why things were the way they were and why people did what they did. Nothing happens just because…. and when God has his hand on your life he begins to direct you to places and allow you to see things that you normally would never have encountered or bothered to pay attention to. Since Science was my major I had no reason to pick up religious studies or psychology but my thirst to know could not and would not be quenched from just reading a book. “Sooo why the long history?” Let me tell you. Throughout my life of 34 loooooong years, I have briefly practiced Wicca, Voodoo, Yoga, Eastern meditation and some African garbage that didn’t have a name. Half of the time I did not know that I was even engaging in these practices, I was too busy walking in rebellion. It is only by God’s Grace, the prayer’s of my parent’s, my family, and friends that I am alive and saved today and in the ministry. I have stared death in the face more than once, I have been dead or shall I say near dead several times. I have been raped, kidnapped (or nearly, because I got away), and a whole host of things that make me uniquely qualified to comment on this subject and others. However I wasn’t able to comment with any wisdom until I actually took some classes because I didn’t know what I was actually talking about or at least I wasn’t making a lot of sense to most folks! After I settled down got saved went to college and studied these practices I really began to understand just how deep in harms way I put myself . Alright so let’s get back to the topic….Kundalini, you have already read about the sexual nature of it however the article didn’t tell you the worst. Yes, for those of you that were waiting for the other shoe to drop, incline your ear because here goes. Boom! From what I have been told, and have seen in video’s this is some stuff you really really don’t want to play with. Why? Well the masters are said to be able to have hours long orgasms or several in a row, and those are the men! don’t laugh yet or even chuckle because if you get this burst of energy and are unprepared you could get into a lot of trouble. I know that a male suffering from an erection for more than a few hours is considered to be having a medical emergency. Why? “Potential complications include ischemia, clotting of the blood retained in the penis (thrombosis), and damage to the blood vessels of the penis which may result in an impaired erectile function or impotence. In serious cases, the ischemia may result in gangrene, which could necessitate penis removal.” (wikipedia) The treatment involves draining blood from the corpus cavernosum (go look it up guys). Besides any man that can do those things without the help of those little blue pills is dealing in the demonic because it is not natural. Man was meant to do what he do and that’s it (I’m going to leave it at that). When I got into my religious studies I began to really see how they began to hide this stuff and the philosophy into everything. It is basically mixed right in with the rest of the new age mystical soup, that the talk show Queen (who shall remain nameless) has helped to usher in. This stuff is hidden in children’s cartoons, movies, songs, and even jewelry. There was a movie called the “Fifth element” I loved that movie until a few years ago. The one thing I was curious about was; “what was this fifth element?” The movie had a very strange ending where the lead Bruce Willis joined in a quasi sexual union with the supposed human embodiment of the fifth element “Leeloo”. As the movie races towards it’s climax Leeloo throws her head back and screams while Bruce Willis braces her, and light shoots out of her mouth. After that somewhat puzzling ending left me scratching my head, and leaving the Sci-Fi buff in me unsatisfied I vowed then, to find out exactly what the movie was really about. I knew that couldn’t have been it, just like Star Wars, I felt there was a subtle indoctrination going on but what type, I couldn’t tell. I was curious as to what this mysterious fifth element was, well that is when we just happened to be studying Yoga and Eastern mysticism in one of my religious studies courses at VCU and Kundalini came up as well as Tantric sex. Boy oh boy, you’d be surprised how many college students are into this mess. They were only too proud to tell everybody what they were into and how that movie had cleverly hidden the meaning, speaking in a language only those who spoke it could understand. To them orgasmic energy is the most powerful energy in the universe. If you spend some time on the internet, you will find whole belief systems that will tell you that! I was floored, the Devil had found yet another way to get man to send himself to hell. It wasn’t music, nor greed but his flesh and the lust of it once again just a little more subtle because it wasn’t flashy and out in the open you had to be really into this to figure it out. You can go to Yoga classes for years sometimes before getting to this level or being exposed to this, and when you do, you find yourself at a crossroads because you have already put so much time and effort into it. It reminds me of a husband and wife who had a karate studio and when they realized what it was based upon they tearfully closed it. They first tried to christianize it but you can’t spray perfume on a trash heap, it is what it is. God will never turn a blind eye and the bible says “my people perish for lack of knowledge”. You were right to be suspicious of Yoga being practiced by Christians and Earth, Wind and Fire is a strange name for a group isn’t it? Here is why. Wicca which I told you I dabbled in, pays homage to the “Guardians” (as they call them), when casting spells and they are : Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. So it looks like Earth Wind and Fire had three down and one to go hmmmm. The words to the song that the brother was inquiring about “Serpentine fire” was a dead give away and a sure sign for any believer in Christ to run and don’t look back. You called it right brother, just crank out some gospel and do some sit ups and push ups ! Brother I am glad you posted this question, few people would bother to even ask because they think oh it’s harmless just like Halloween and Harry Potter. I hate to say it but a lot of things that the body of Christ is passing off as harmless is what is shooting holes in our testimonies, and slowly killing us especially our children.
Just say no to:
Skinemax (Cinemax)
Sinnernet (pornography laden internet sites)
Hellivision (Television channels such as FX and shows like Nip Tuck)
Hellephone (If you are gossiping hang up)

Serpentine Fire Lyrics

Maurice White, Verdine White & Sonny Burke

When I see you’re face like the mornin sun you spark me to shine
Tell all the world, my need is fulfilled and that’s a new design
As long as you’re near, there is no fear of a victory
But when I’m away, influences stray my mind to disagree
I wanna see your face in the morning sun ignite my energy
The cause and effect of you has brought new meaning in my life to me

Gonna tell a story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
Gonna tell a story morning glory all about the serpentine fire

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
I need to see your face like the morning sun ignite my energy
The cause and effect of you has brought new meaning in my life to me
The moments I find when I’m inclined to do my best
Negative wins when I give in and then I lose the test (not many times)

Gonna tell a story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
Surely as life begun, you will as one battle with the serpentine fire

oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Surely as life begun, you will as one battle with the serpentine fire
Surely as life begun, you will as one battle with the serpentine fire
Gonna tell a story morning glory all about the serpentine fire
Please note this post called “Pretzels anyone” information that is largely considered Public Domain therefore it is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.




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  1. March 27, 2008 6:38pm

    Nice article, added to favourites

  2. March 27, 2008 6:38pm

    Thanks for stopping by Alex….

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