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Fitting in with a shoe horn…..

March 4, 2008

Have you ever had your eyes on them shoes that you just had to have but they were too small? You had to break out the shoe horn to put them on and as soon as you got in the car you had to pull them off only to cram your dogs back in them to take that dreaded walk on coals of fire to find your seat in a pew. Who were you trying to impress God? He wasn’t looking at your feet…. He was studying your heart and intentions and wondering when you were going to ever join his club, his click. Brother Phil has been crying loud and sparing none over at The church is now turning into a club in some places a zoo in others and some places you actually have a “Church Mafia” in affect complete with a Don ordering the summary execution of saints by cutting off communication and fellowship with them or by handicapping local ministries by conquering and dividing congregations. I have to quote my brother from TBCP eanthonypreston when he said, “these days you got church pillars and church caterpillars” I believe these Church Mafia families are demonically blinded and driven by Satan to do their dirty work. They usually have a few Jezebels around who are incredibly influential (I will post some info on Jezebel spirits later) usually immature saints that are still on milk are easily influenced by these families. They galvanize on a ridiculous issue usually about the pastor or someone in his family or close circle of friends or ministerial staff. After a week or two the membership begins to dwindle and the pastor and staff wonder what has happened while the “Church Mafia” family either sit smiling like Jack-O-Lanterns in their seats, or either decide to move to another church to repeat their offenses and the baby saints that go crawling behind them become the “caterpillars” never going from the pupa stage into the chrysalis to finally develop wings to fly as a butterfly. It is the Devil’s plan for these saint’s to never grow out of spiritual infancy. This is unique to this generation I believe, partly due to the times that we are living in and the corruption in the upper echelons of the ministry that has gone unchecked for far too long. More serious is there are reports that churches have begun to take on a Fraternity and Sorority type atmosphere and in the midwest it has been said that several Baptist churches have been threatened by the Masonic lodges by strong arm tactics, forcing pastors to change their style of preaching and what they are allowed to say and threatening to pull signifigant funding away by removing large swaths of members who are loyal to their cause with the flick of a wrist (yes they do use sign language and code). This is witchcraft saints and God is not pleased and I believe soon we will see perpetrators of this mess start dropping dead right in the pews so pastors go ahead and brush up on your Eulogy skills the day is coming. My brother’s Phil and Minister Hatcher and Sister Gail Grey all saw the need to step out of the trap of the Black Greek Letter Organization that has not just saturated the Historically black colleges and university’s but now it is in the black churches as well. Now you have web pages dedicated to Pan Hellenic Preachers, that’s right, these are preachers who have pledged their allegiance to a false god and to the one true God. That is where the shoe horn comes in again, there isn’t enough room for two. “God said thou shall have no other god’s before me”. That was not a suggestion it was a commandment. A declarative statement with a period behind it. You can’t serve two masters and these pastor’s are sending their sheep over a cliff, this is suicide for the saints in short order. I will not stand idly by and do nothing as long as their is breath in my body I will speak against that which is against the foundational teachings of Christianity, if I lose a few friends that’s fine. I don’t need to pledge to fit in. I am already a part of the ORIGINAL GREEK LETTERS AND THAT IS THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA THE GREAT I AM I don’t need to go on line or be hazed, he already took the beating and the mockery and paid the price for me to be and eternal member of the best club around and that is the Body of Christ!!!

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I believe in giving credit where credit is due, the term “Church Mafia” originally(as far as I can tell), can be traced to a June 22, 2003 NY Times article written by Daniel J. Wakin. In this article, Wakin explains the comparison, to the mob as a byproduct of numerous sexual abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic church. The term underwent a metamorphosis of a sort, when Pastor Jay Cameron of Urban Change Ministries produced a stage play by the name of “Church Mafia” which exposed the near occult behavior of control that is being found in a lot of churches today. This particular blog “Fitting in with a shoe horn”, paints “Church Mafia’s” in somewhat of a different light, by discussing the “Church Mafia” that sits in the pews. These “Pew Mafia’s” exist as rogue groups that seek to destroy the fabric of well established churches through “divide and conquer tactics”. Thanks again Alan Higgins for the Blog on “Church Mafia’s!”

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  1. Marcus Franklin permalink
    July 12, 2008 6:38pm

    Really Good, I pray that this message be proliferated!

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