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I’m gonna walk around Heaven all day!

March 6, 2008

You know in black churches we have a serious problem with what I call religious cliche’s here are a few of them and I know they ain’t in the Bible
You take one step, He’ll take two.
The Lord helps those who help themselves.
Cleanliness is next to godliness.

God watches over the young and the foolish

GOD SAID IT. I BELIEVE IT. THAT SETTLES IT(they made this one into a song like most cliche’s)

What folks don’t realize is how dangerous these cliche’s can be under certain circumstances when said to certain people especially children. My all time favorite is actually a prayer that I used to hear, back in the day, we had an AM gospel station that would play gospel all day until about 6pm then they would say an evening prayer and go off the air, this prayer was so full of cliche’s it was pathetic. The scary thing is this prayer ACTUALLY MADE ME CONSIDER NOT WANTING TO GO TO HEAVEN! ShockedYes that is not a typo. The man would say this statement near the end that I can still quote to this day, “over there over there where every day will be Sunday and service will have no end”. Ok I was a child about 12 at the time and I already thought that all you did in heaven was sit on a cloud and play a harp, sing in the heavenly choir and walk all around heaven all day with your shoes thanks to other chiche’s, you’ve heard em.. I got shoes… you got shoes all God’s children got shoes. I am sure you can imagine my despair. I would actually cringe when I heard this. Years later me and my siblings recite the prayer and laugh when we get to that part, and to my surprise they say that felt the same way too. No child likes to sit through church.. let alone an eternal church service! Cliche’s can be dangerous as I have just demonstrated. I think the fact that they caused me as a child to not desire eternal life in heaven is a shame! Thankfully I wizened up and read the Bible for myself and came to the realization that Heaven certainly won’t be boring and I certainly don’t want to go to Hell.

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