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Pull Em Up Guys & Gals!!!

March 17, 2008


Well hello internet peeps! It’s been almost a week since I blogged, sorry folks I have been a little hung up doing some other work. Anyway I’m back soooooo…..where was I, Oh yah blogging…… Well let’s see. What’s in the news? I recently heard that, Florida’s Riviera Beach has voted to ban baggy pants!!! Uh gasp, I was feeling a little short of breath that day… It must have been the collective gasps of the community when the ordinance, according to NBC news, was passed by an overwhelming majority. Well la dee dah!! Now this ordinance says, that if you appear in public and you have pants hanging below the waist exposing skin or underwear you will be fined!! I nearly fell off the couch when I heard this news story. Now why would I be laughing at something so positive? I can hear you asking me… “pray tell Anointed?” Ok, half of Riviera Beach’s’ plumbers would go broke from getting fined! If they have any plumbers down there they better start wearing overalls, and that’s all I’m going to say about that. On a serious tip, wearing pants loosely or “Busting a sag” as the kids call it, is actually dangerous to them. I have heard incidences of guys tripping over their pants and knocking themselves silly. I also heard that baggy pants actually helped the police apprehend suspects by slowing them down because they trip over their pants (figures). That’s nice, for the police but not the person being chased in their clown looking pants. Now in this blog, I don’t want to be biased and just focus on the guys, because girls have been showing a little too much skin. Nothing is left to the imagination these days and everybody knows the color of your underwear. It is not becoming at all, if you dress trashy as a female, people will actually have a lower opinion of you, whether you intend that or not. I was watching a video from Elder G. Craig Lewis and he said it best , “If you dress like a stank Ho(excuse the language), people will think you are a stank Ho(excuse the language). When you are outside a nasty house don’t you assume it’s nasty on the inside as well?” (not an exact quote),That’s a good one G. Craig…. Thanks! So it’s important the image that you are projecting to the public, is the image that properly portrays your inside. Here is a good example, if I wanted people to think that I was a judge in a courtroom, (and no I am not one but just work with me here), I would put on a black robe and wear some black shoes and probably pull my hair back into a bun. If I did that now, most people would not ask for my credentials especially if they saw me in a courtroom sitting in the big chair with the gavel? The reason they wouldn’t question me is because I would be looking the part and reasonably acting the part as well. Ok, now imagine if I came strolling into the courtroom “Busting a sag” with my hat tipped to the side, a big medallion hanging on my chest and gold teeth and bling on every finger. I wouldn’t get past the metal detector, let alone the judges chambers to enter the courtroom and sit on the judges seat. Now let me ask you, “would you take me serious as a judge looking like that?” Let me answer that for you. “NO!” So guys, gals. Pull Em Up, and Cover UP because Riviera Beach is not the only place with a “Baggy Pants” ordinance and it is my sincere hope that decency makes a big comeback and the Baggy Pants ordinance comes to my city too!

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