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Blog Talk Radio With Brother Phil……

March 30, 2008

jesusfinalanswer.jpgHi everyone below all of the writing on this post is Brother Phil Talifero(I know that isn’t spelled right whoops!) interviewing me on his Blog Talk Radio show. Brother Phil is a powerful brother in the ministry, probably one of the most powerful ministers, and poets I have ever met. He’s a family man and a true example of what a real man of God should act like. I have never called in to a radio program, let alone a program that would broadcast to the world. but Brother Phil thought that my story could reach many hurting womangirl_thinking_dark_226414_tn1.jpg and put a different face on abortion. The first 2 minutes or so you will hear a rap song, it is Brother Phil rapping he is actually doing a song that he wrote called “slow your role”. If you listen to the words it tells a story about a girl who has a one night stand and becomes pregnant. Faced with the reality of single parenthood she has to decide whether to get an abortion or keep her child.

Disclaimer About The Music:

The song is compelling, it paints a picture of the all too real, situations that happen everyday to girls nationwide. I do not endorse Hip Hop but rap music is acceptable as long as the artist does not engage in the Hip Hop culture. Brother Phil is a modern day “David” who in his time was the equivalent of today’s greatest poets. Brother Phil is in ministry and sets his poetry to music and does not dress in Hip Hop attire, does not engage in Hip Hop culture nor does he endorse it in anyway.  I absolutely 100% support Brother Phil’s ministry.

Click Below the picture for the interview with Brother Phil….


Thank God For My Child…

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  1. Wanda.R permalink
    October 21, 2009 6:38am


    May God forever bless and keep you and your family. You are truly a vessel of Godly inspiration. This article and interview was very compelling, making me really appreciate the fact that God truly puts no more on us than we can bear. I consider every thing I’ve been through in my 28 years of life to not even compare to your testimony, but I can only say that God brought both of us out into Victory! I praise and worship God for He Alone is worthy! Thank you for sharing your story. TRUTH:JESUS:LOVE

    • October 22, 2009 6:38pm

      You are welcome and thank you for your encouraging words, it is people like you that give me a reason for keeping this blog going. Sending out agape love to ya!

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