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Mom I’m Bored There’s NOTHING On TV…..

April 4, 2008

Oh and I second that little one!! How right you are, there is absolutely NOTHING on TV. I remember when I was younger, on Friday nights we couldn’t wait until we had our baths. We would come thundering down the stairs and sit in front of the old fashioned floor model television. Yall remember those televisions? Don’t even try to act like yall ain’t had one. I know now a-days folks just hang their TV’s on the walls like a picture. But I remember not that long ago, when the Television used to be a piece of furniture… Literally! It took a moving company to just deliver it to your house, there was no such thing as cruising down to Wal-mart and getting a TV and popping it in your trunk and driving home with it. TV was almost like a delicacy and the producers of television programs seemed to feel that way (at least to a certain degree). That is why Friday nights, a lot of Americans stayed home to watch the “Incredible Hulk” and “The Duke Boys” I remember those times well. The whole family would sit and watch as Dr. David Banner would warn people not to, “make him angry,” and like always week after week, they managed to do just that. We were completely engulfed in the almost plot-less or completely easy to figure out stories. Back then we didn’t care that it didn’t make sense, that after the incredible Hulk burst out of his clothes that he should have been naked. We didn’t care that, David Banner must have either had an invisible tailor, or hid a sewing machine in his backpack, because his clothes always seemed to be miraculously put back together. My family was African American, and we still cheered for the Duke Boys and the General Lee with the Dixie Flag, which somehow managed to crash and get torn nearly apart in every episode, but looked pristine the next week. What’s was the point? The point was that these innocent plots and silly stories allowed families to sit together and laugh and share and talk. Now I would not put my dog in front of the TV! Even in the middle of the afternoon, you can find the most vile garbage being vomited out of that evil one eyed monster. For me the “T” in television stands for Trashcan. Now I am not a member of the First church of Oprah, so naturally I don’t watch her show, but the other day as I was doing my normal useless channel surfing. Something caught my ears, then my eyes. I thought I heard the words “man” then “pregnant” right behind each other in the same sentence. My thumb paused over the up button, then I saw what looked like a man, who was patting his stomach. I shook my head, “no way, uh uh”. I sat glued to one spot as I listened to the saddest story I have ever heard. This poor confused soul, wanted to be a man, took testosterone but still wanted to have a baby one day. Okaaaayeee! That makes about as much sense as scratching an itchy wooden leg, you get me? “This person is so diagonally parked in a parallel universe”, it ain’t even funny. So now the con-vo-sa-ti-onay get’s lewd. They talk about the woman’s anatomy part downstairs, that rhymes with Dolores (no I am not juvenile I just don’t feel like saying it!!!). Apparently taking Testosterone makes it grow and now she can have relations with her wife?! Eeeeeeuuuuuuuwwaaaaah! I turned the channel if yall want to know what happened after that, go online chat it up with friends I don’t care, I refused to watch anymore. Evil, evil, evil. I really believe that they may one day find a way to allow a real genetic male to carry a baby, they have been fooling around with God’s creations for a while and I think he is just sitting back and saying go right ahead keep destroying yourselves, you will learn, eventually. I think some of the emerging syndromes , that have jumped off the charts. Autism in my opinion is one. It is not new so it isn’t actually emerging per se, but once you see the stats I would say it fits into the (Jack in the box) emerging category. It existed but never like it does today and so many cases. I personally believe they are the results of genetic tampering with food supplies, vaccines and a whole lot of stuff. Ok I know this is going waaaay off topic but look at these facts: 1990 – the FDA approved rennin (a type of enzyme used for making cheese, found naturally in the stomachs of calves) as the first genetically engineered gene product. 1997 – the USDA amended its regulations on genetically engineered plants. Once plant breeders has shown that a genetically altered plant has no risk for becoming a pest, they can apply to the USDA to obtain non regulated status for that plant. Mid 90’s- The MMR vaccine is a mixture of three live attenuated viruses, administered via injection for immunization against measles, mumps and rubella. It is generally administered to children around the age of one year, with a booster dose before starting school (i.e. age 4/5). In the United States, the vaccine was licensed in 1963 and the booster began in the mid 1990s. Got all that? Well there is a little more..( Warning the following link is not for the faint of heart) The MMR Vaccine has a seedy past… It was created using abortion! So now it’s not just the controversial Thimerosal that we are pumping into our children but death itself! Sooo let’s look at the stats shall we…. Growth comparison during the 1990s

  • U.S. population increase: 13%
  • Disabilities increase: 16%
  • Autism increase: 172%

Notice anything?????? Yah, me too! All this took place in the 90’s, I don’t know what was so special about the 90’s but it must have been something…. Like I said, God is sitting up there probably just twiddling his mighty thumbs shaking his mighty head, saying “When are they gonna learn” He WROTE the owners manual to the vehicles in which we reside. Yet we tamper and tamper, we fill them with smut, through our eyes, ears, mouth, nose and other holes (use your imagination). He gave us creativity and we create garbage and feed it to our kids in the form of so called “entertainment”. He gave us, wisdom and instead we defile his creations and poison the most defenseless. He gave us courage and instead we bully everyone around us. He gave us love and instead we give it all away to the swine who would trample our pearls and won’t return the love he gave us so freely. He gave us life and instead we choose death. so the whole problem is not that there is nothing on TV….sometimes the ones looking at it have nothing in them to realize it. All writings you see on “Anointedvessels Weblog” are the intellectual property of Yours Truly KDW and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No derivative Works 3.0 United States License somerights20.png

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, The Dixie flag picture is considered public domain and can be found on Wikipedia. Picture of pregnant Thomas Beatie is courtesty of and subject to copyright regulations which this author will follow to the letter. After scouring the Internet I finally found who I think is the author of the quote “Diagonally parked in a parallel universe” That wonderful personal is none other than Signe A. Dayhoff PhD. if this is incorrect, you guys know what to do. Leave me a comment and correct me…… Anointed Vessel

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