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Since When Did Being Called Dr. Become So Popular??? and other pet peeves…

April 4, 2008

I have noticed a lot of titles being thrown around in Christendom, and what really amazes me is the miraculously short times that it takes for these Doctors to get their titles. Now I have seen Prophets and Prophetess’s change to Doctor. Scrrrreeeeeeech! Wait right there! Pump the brakes. You mean to tell me you give up the name of a sacred office from the Bible, One of the Five Fold Ministries ( and they are…..Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher) for a contemporary title?. Sorry I’m lost? Next burning question, who gave you a degree? What was your degree in? I remember when my mom went to seminary and part of her training was doing an internship at a hospital with a Chaplain and it was grueling. She had to be on call and work in the cancer wards, Hospice, ER you name it she did it and from what I understand THAT WAS THE EASY PART! So What Diploma Mill is cranking out these speedy degrees? I have an easy litmus test, take the degree and walk into a well known 4 yr University such as UVA, VCU or Hampton University, ask them if they will take the credits. If they won’t, It ain’t real!!!!! Folks listen, having titles and pieces of paper are nice, but what matters most is do you have your B.A.D. are you Born Again and Delivered from Sin? I have never seen so many folks clambering to go to these online schools, and “Mom and Pop” Bible colleges then get a piece of paper a few months later. No real didactic training, no counseling experience, no field training or hands on .

That is why, there is now an epidemic of little kids in adult bodies in the pulpit. These poor souls are trying to shepherd a flock and they are barely holding on themselves. It’s ok to have a few issues (everybody does), but some of the issues that have been showing lately have been abysmal and the world is falling out laughing pointing and yelling , “yep that’s why I don’t go to church!” Some pastors lack the proper psychological training to recognize signs of distress until it’s too late. Other pastors try to counsel without the proper licenses and get themselves into trouble, now churches are getting sued for this. It is called “practicing outside of your scope”. Some pastors jump in with both feet and have not been seasoned under the tutelage of another pastor. What ends up happening in these cases is what i like to call the “Hoarding syndrome” these pastors recognize talent when they see it, just one little flaw. “And What’s that you say?” They sit on them, that’s when you get another syndrome I like to call the “Ants in your pants syndrome”. These Dynamo’s are chomping at the bit, they are full of word and ready to go, but where to, and to do what? The pastor, literally smothers them and they begin to smolder. When I say smolder, this begins to happen in more than one way. These ministers, evangelists, prophets, (or whatever title they have), begin to smolder, spiritually, and psychologically. What eventually happens is a lot of in-house squabbling and jockeying for position. If the pastor ever gives up the precious throne, the worker bees are all throwing themselves forward to be the next in line to preach. Whoever is the “chosen one”, immediately becomes the most hated. Why? Because they are doing exactly what they have been called to do and the rest are left smoldering again. Seasoned pastors would see this and they send out sons and daughters, regularly almost kicking them out even. They encourage the fruits of their ministry, they have aggressive outreach, street preaching, mission workers in other countries and that pastor keeps their staff BUSY! Like I say all the time, I am an analyst I watch and watch and watch and then I comment. I have watched many many many churches break up and apart and I just couldn’t figure it out why for some of them until one day my mother and I were talking about this and she said God had shared this with her. Now my parents pastor a church in Baltimore MD. God dealt with them about the very same thing, because they both were seasoned, and my mother had the proper training, the transition to this way of thinking was actually easy. We talked about the difference between those that are actually called to remain “in house”, like the “Levites”. These are the ministers that are your pillars that stick and stay, they will always be there, then there are your ministers that operate in various gifts. These are the ones that will have on the roller skates and you have to have wisdom and trust that they are grown up enough to hear Gods voice. Keep communication lines open, remain respectful and you will be surprised. When you need them they will be there in a moments notice. If you sit on them, try calling them if you want to…. You might find Osama Bin Ladin faster.


When you sit on your talents and smolder them, they will eventually leave, disgusted and disillusioned, unsure of what to do or who to trust. Feeling incomplete and completely outdone with the church altogether. Amazingly and also sadly, to everyone else they may appear to be walking in rebellion but they aren’t. They are walking in confusion and hurt because they are being spiritually bound by someone they looked to for guidance and they don’t understand what happened? They may not even understand what is actually going on, all they know is that they are not happy where they are and if you ask them what is wrong, they usually can’t articulate it. According to the psychology that I have studied in college, that usually is a sign that something is wrong. When somebody is not acting right and they can’t tell you why, don’t talk about them. Don’t tear them down, sit them down and ask them. “What is it that you would like to do?” I bet you money, they could answer that! Guess what shepherds? Whether you studied psychology or not, if you are guilty of this God will hold you responsible. If those sheep run away and are lost because of greed, lack of knowledge or whatever, the “touch not God’s anointed” verse probably won’t apply . Shepherds that will yield to the voice of God and his wisdom and forget about their own agenda, won’t have problems with runaway talents. Shepherds that want to serve and are not trying to get a book deal or a personal jet, won’t have runaways. Shepherds who are not stuck on themselves, and are not worried about getting a Mega coliseum church won’t have runaways. Shepherds who aren’t trying to switch the title of their sacred office in favor of a contemporary title, that wasn’t honestly earned WONT……HAVE…….THIS…….PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

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