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Let Me Count The Ways…..

April 15, 2008

There is a dangerous message being spread of many ways to get to heaven but there only one way to God and that is through his son Jesus.

John 14:6

“Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

short story by Anointed vessel…The New Age message has taken another victim. “Reality isn’t really real”, “don’t worry about anything”, “Pain is insignificant” ignore it, it is just another part of our unreal Ego self, which doesn’t exist anyway,”…. While you are listening to your CD on how to float above your cares, a suddenly very real sensation hits your supposedly unreal existence! That faithful rhythm that had always accompanied you, is beginning to falter and you feel an unbearable pressure on your chest. Your breath comes in gasps. You reach for your keys, your cell phone anything…! but your once obedient limbs refuse to move. Now that still small voice, that was actually shouting to be heard amongst a cacophony of devilishly noisy teachings, has quieted to all but a whisper. “I am still here my child, I made you”….. In a moment of desperation as the steady drum beat of your heart begins to fail, your God given conscience begins to sear you like an iron, burning you, bringing back to you the folly of your ways. Now it shows you that your New Age guru can not save you. You are about to meet your maker and you are unprepared. “You tied your shoes that morning, but the undertaker will untie them before the night is done.” You feel your heart sputter like a worn engine, in a faithful car. Just like that car you place your hand on the dash board and pray it lasts just long enough to get to the repair man so that you can drive it one more time. Likewise you lay your hand on your weathered chest and pray to the God you once knew, and hope that he recognizes his prodigal son…..

Now this was a fictional account of something that sounds all too real….

Day after day this event occurs to far too many people and as an EMT and having done CPR on people I know that have known God and some I am not so sure, there is one thing that is unmistakable, the ones that are cursing and screaming as they are clutching their chest in the throes of cardiac failure, leave the most lasting impression on me. For you see there is something undertakers won’t tell you and that is, once a person has died, the last expression on their face is the hardest expression to erase. I have a friend who is an undertaker, so I know. Those that go cursing and flailing, if we cannot revive them, the one image that is seared into the minds eye is the absolute look of horror on their face. The bible says Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment, I believe all of this is instantaneous. I believe these people see where they are going before they are even cold and dead. The reason I say this is because my Grandmother, kept asking family members to turn out the bright lights overhead, as she slipped away into eternity. There were no lights in the room that day…. We believe she was gazing into heaven. Also for the people that I have done CPR on, and I personally knew they were believers and walked in their salvation, they had a serene and peaceful look. the bible said, Phil. 1:21 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain..” I want you to look at this video and see why the New Age belief system is so dangerous and why when it comes down to it, people don’t want this sugar coated, many paths to Jesus, and if you die you’ll come back as a butterfly garbage. People want and need the word! Believers, stand your ground, stop pointing people in the direction of false teachers and preachers. Learn your word and give it to the needy, there is a spiritual famine in the land and God is going to hold those of us that know better accountable! Watch this video to see why telling the truth about what awaits after death and what is needed to avoid eternal damnation is so very important. After watching this and reading a blog from my web ministry brother Alan Higgins from Real Christianity I was instantly convicted. I immediately put up a page for people seeking salvation when coming to anointed vessel.

“Anointedvessels Weblog” posts are the intellectual property of KDW and are licensed under a

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I believe in giving credit where it is due, This video was originally taken from ER a program produced by NBC.

The learning portion of the video was produced by “The Way of The Master” A very good informational and biblically based series of programs geared toward equipping the saint’s with tools in which to fight the adversary. Thanks to Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort! God’s Blessings be upon them and their families and peace be multiplied to them as well.

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The Way of The Master


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  1. April 16, 2008 6:38am

    I still can’t say for sure if I believe folks go directly to heaven or hell upon death… I mean, I know ghosts exist (I use to see the same one every night for a few months in a new apartment my folks moved into when I was a kid. To this day, I can still describe what this elderly person looked like…anyway) —

    I can tell you, though, that an uncle of mine passed about a year ago and I wasn’t there, but his wife, adult children and one of my very close cousins was there. This cousin told me the minute of our uncle’s death, one of his daughters was trying to talk to him. She was standing right next to his hospital bed talking to him. He was looking up, towards the ceiling, pass her head. My cousin said his eyes got wide and there was this look on his face…as if he could see something no one else in the room could see. I’m not too sure what all of that means, but he died peacefully.

    So, yeah, I think it is possible that something does happen the immediate moment we die…


  2. May 2, 2008 6:38pm

    I was curious. A pharisee (KJV): is a group of Jews who strictly follow the laws of Moses. Laws of Moses being the Ten Commandments. What I don’t understand is how can you follow Moses and Jesus both and not have two masters? Not to mention that if your following the laws of Moses your are a Pharisee, it’s even worse if your not a Jew, because that makes you a false Jew. So basically to have the teachings of Moses in the same book as the teaching of Jesus means you are following a book that is Lukewarm, that you are a lukewarm teachers along with the entire foundation of the Church. Yeah granted Jesus said follow the ten commandments, yet that is if YEE live. However as far as sin is concerned we are all dead. And non of us are without sin. Which is basically a play on words, people really should read things with a little more sarcasm and irony in mind, maybe then they’ll get it.

  3. May 23, 2009 6:38pm

    The Ten Commandments were written by God therefore if you follow them as a Christian should you are following the will of God not Moses. Here is a perfect breakdown on the law of Moses
    this may help…

    The Law of Moses

    The Law of Moses is divided into three parts, or codes, as follows.

    Code I, The Commandments, Exodus 20:1-17, contains the laws of divine institution and establishment, including the moral law. This is the Magna Carta or Bill of Rights of human freedom.

    Code II, The Ordinances, or the spiritual code, included a complete Christology (doctrine of Christ), and was designed to present Christ as the only Saviour. Included in the ordinances is a “shadow” Christology and a ‘shadow’ Soteriology (doctrine of salvation). These ideas are presented in the descriptions of the Tabernacle, the Holy Days, the Levitical Offerings, and the daily activity of the priesthood.

    Code III, The Judgments, was the social code – the divine laws of establishment applied to social living. Questions of diet, sanitation, quarantine, soil conservation, taxation, military service, how to spend a honeymoon, what to do about divorce, slavery, inheritances, etc., were all covered. It was a complete set of laws.

    The Law of Moses is called the Book of the Covenant: Ex. 24:7,8; 34:27,28; Deut. 4:13-16,23,31; 8:18; 9:9,11,15. There is a written addendum to the Law in Deut. 29.

    The prophecy regarding the breaking of the Covenant is found in Deut. 31:16,20; Jer. 22:9. The Book of the Covenant is the subject of Jeremiah 11; but it is not to be confused with the new covenant with Israel discussed in Jeremiah 31 to 33.

    In the teaching of world history in universities, Hammurabi’s Code is set forth as the shining example of law-giving in human history. But the Law of Moses is far more comprehensive and far reaching.

    Recipients of the Law of Moses

    The Law was given to Israel: Ex. 19:3; Lev. 26:46; Rom. 3:19; 9:4.

    The Law was specifically not given to Gentiles: Deut. 4:8; Rom. 2:12-14.

    Born-again believers of the church age are not under the Law. Therefore, the Mosaic Law was never given to the church: Acts 15:5, 24; Rom. 6:14; Gal. 2:19.

    Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law: Matt. 5:17, “…I am not come to destroy the Law, but to fulfill…” He fulfilled the Commandments by living perfectly under the Law. His impeccability and perfect life fulfilled Code I. The Ordinances, Code II, were fulfilled by Christ’s death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and session. The Judgments, Code III, were fulfilled by Christ as He observed the law of the land; he lived under divine institutions and establishment.

    Jesus Christ is the “end of the Law” for believers: Rom. 10:4.

    Believers in the church age are under a higher law of spirituality: Rom. 8:2-4; Gal. 5:18,22,23; I Cor. 13. The believer who functions under the filling of the Holy Spirit takes up where Christ left off and fulfills the Law.

    All information obtained from:

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