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Aposhya Univercity For All Yall That Want Yer Docterins

April 17, 2008

Ok before you start going on and on about you can’t see or read just click on the images twice when you want to read them and they will enlarge rather nicely for you… Ok folks I believe in giving credit where it is due, so RINGO4LIFE stand up and be recognized please!!! Yes folks this is the creative genius who inspired me to create this institution of higher learning, just wave the cursor over his name and click and it should take your to his You Tube page. Now of course tongues is not something you can copyright but still, this cat made a video with a repeating word for Heaven’s sake! You gotta love em, and you gotta give him credit. so Ringo I love your stuff man, you are crazy funny and mad talented. I want to be just like you when I get all growed up!! When you guys go to his site you will see some of his video’s. Your job is to figure out which one gave me the idea for this page, ha ha! Let’s see how many smart alecks we have out there!

As always keep it honest folks…..what you see here belongs to yours truly

“Anointedvessels Weblog” posts are the intellectual property of KDW and are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No derivative Works 3.0 United States License

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