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We Have Generation X And Even Y But Will There Be Enough For Z?

June 3, 2008

Pro-Life Stand… A Genocide In America
Black Folks, I Need Yall To Read And Heed!

Disclaimer: No – White America – I am not a racist (far from it, as my family resembles the U.N.) and yes I realize that abortion is killing babies of all races. However, as a sister, I have to do a little wake up call to my people right now because we have an actual genocide happening and very few seem to notice or even care. Forget the KKK, Planned Parenthood has found something far more effective and waaaaaay more secretive than lynching. The worst thing is that they convince their victims that they need this. I don’t recall any lynching victims willingly going to the tree. By the way, the description you are about to read is only ONE OF SEVERAL ABORTION BUTCHER SHOP PROCEDURES… It goes by the name of PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION AND IS USED FROM MONTHS 5-9. I chose this one because it is by far the most clear cut as far as infanticide/murder goes. Since most arguments for and or against abortion seem to center on whether or not the child is considered alive or not, this procedure and it’s description should remove all questions from your mind. The description is graphic and written in everyday terms, not medical terminology, so please understand that the actual procedure is worse! I’m sure some supporters of this crazy procedure will come and argue their little hearts out about how medically incorrect I am…and I will develop a case of acute selective hearing! I have seen one of these so I don’t need an explanation because I know what it looks like.  MURDER!!! For a more precise explanation click here! (scroll down to the picture of the baby being pulled out by it’s feet).
An entire generation of children has disappeared in a matter of days and where is the public outcry? A pack of dogs is brutally beaten and the public outcry is deafening. The people beat down the doors of the courthouse screaming for blood. They will not be satisfied until the perpetrators of the heinous crimes upon nature are punished to the fullest extent of the law. They want the judge to shut the doors and throw away the key. They would rather see the jail thrown on top of the criminals that wound animals. When are dogs more precious than children? When are the eggs of eagles, our national symbol more revered than an unborn child? That time is now. Life is no longer sacred and it seems life has lost it’s sanctity. However if a mother imbibes alcohol while pregnant she is guilty of endangering the life of her fetus if the child is born with fetal alcohol syndrome. How twisted is the law that would do such things on one hand, yet would kill a child that is full term with partial birth abortion, with the manipulative lie, that the mother’s life depended on it? Have you seen what is required to perform this procedure? The procedure itself, seems more likely to kill the mother than whatever on earth could be endangering her life in the first place. The doctor must first induce labor, then turn the infant around (if it is head down), pull the baby out feet first then they must manually prevent the head from coming out. Then the doctor must violently collapse the babies skull using forceful pulling motions sucking out the contents of the skull, finally breaking the skull. The whole time, the full term, or near term infant, will be violently fighting for it’s life to the bitter end. The mother who hopefully is anesthetized, will be adequately held still during this terrifying event, and will not feel her child fighting for it’s life. The Butcher will finally deliver the now stillborn, murdered and mutilated, child into the cold world and throw it into a pail.  Meanwhile, the doctor stitches up the mothers butchered insides, which will be unnaturally torn from the instruments that are used to hold open the body at the wild angles required to fight with a child that is pulled into the world backwards.  A child that is left fighting for it’s life because the mother is convinced that she will die if she delivers naturally. What a load of @*&$ (ahem)! If she can deliver that way, than she can deliver naturally! They lied to her, they just committed a child sacrifice and the mother unwittingly played along believing she was gravely ill and she wasn’t. Abortion is unnecessary almost 100 percent of the time. Spontaneous natural abortions happen when a genetic, or physiologic defect is detected by the body and the body aborts the fetus on it’s own. Man need not interfere! Some argue, “well if God is so concerned about life, why allow so many miscarriages?” I found just the quote to answer that query: “Another common objection is that many fertilized ova die prior to birth, as many as 30 to 50 percent. If in the eyes of God, the objection runs, these fertilized eggs are personal beings, why does God allow so many of them to perish? First of all, even if these figures were accurate, they would only be an illustration of the fact that human beings can perish at any stage of the developmental process, and that prenatal life also has its hazards. The loss of many human lives in automobile accidents is no argument against taking responsible steps to reduce highway fatalities. The same preventive concern should be shown for prenatal human life. As Christians our valuation of human life is not based on statistical norms but rather on the norm of divine revelation, which teaches the sacredness and dignity of each human life.” (Abortion and the Christian)

Warning: I might lose some friends because of this particular blog and my thoughts on that is…. Oh Well, It is in Him I move, and in Him I live, and in Him I have my being….UCLA Investigation video Part II features the idol of about every black person I know. But he is not mine. I am Pro-life, Pro-marriage between man and woman, and Pro-biblical morals, and the only Pro- choice option that I support is choosing Jesus!
Planned Parenthood Investigation By Fox News

UCLA Investigation I

UCLA Investigation II

De-Fund Planned Parenthood Protest

Jeremiah Wright stands in front of the NAACP sign giving his “the man” is out to get us speech.  I just thought it was Ironic that he chose the NAACP as his back drop. Click the link below to see why I feel this way.
Ok folks either this whole story is about as Ironic as they come, or the world just ran out of Irony…. Take your pick. My advice… Black Folks. Quit being so PRO-Black and be PRO-CHRIST!! And do your homework!
Anointed Vessel

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Giving Credit where it is due: (Partial Bir. Abor. link) (Partial Bir. Abor. link),2933,360425,00.html (Tubal Pregnancy Carried To Term Story Link) (Spontaneous Natural Abortion Quote) (Pic.of baby),3566,352537,00.html(planned Parenthood Investigation FOX News) (UCLA investigation part I & II) (Defund Planned Parenthood Protest) (NAACP Criticized for Blocking Pro-Life Efforts To Overturn Abortion Policy)
Picture of Jeremiah Wright obtained via “Free Use”
***The Precious Child in the bucket picture is brought to you courtesy of More Than Cake an insightful blog by J.R. Miller that I stumbled across, and I believe deserves another look (great minds think alike!) thanks J.R.! Great work!!!

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  1. June 10, 2008 6:38am

    Hi, glad you could make use of my blog post as a resource. I plan another post on this next February during black history month. I bookmarked your article and will be sure to give it a shout.

  2. July 7, 2008 6:38pm

    I am honored J.R. Miller
    Be blessed

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