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Money Money Money Money Monaaaaay!

June 8, 2008

Hey guys and gals Anointed here and I am here to talk about a subject I know very little about and that is money.  Wait let me back that up,  I know enough to $pend money and create debt,  which I am thankfully getting out of.  What I want to do is point you in the direction of a young visionary who understands not only money but what to do with it and a whole lot more.  His name is Elder T. Anderson,  he is a young man from my church who is extremely wise for his age.  A young man of few words but the words that he says pack volumes of information.  He just started his page “My future in focus” which I will link to mine but his first post I believe is a real looker and this is the link It’s Not About The Money!.  Yah ,  I know funny  title  for a post about money,  but you have to read it  to get the  guts of the  post…so go  read  it  Anointed  readers!  Oh yah  fishing  trips  over  and no  I didn’t  catch any fish  waaaaaaah!

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