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All Of Them Ain’t Pregnant!

June 23, 2008

Alright…. I have stood by on the sidelines and heard all the talk about babies having babies. I have heard teens making pacts to get pregnant together and all that jazz. Well I tell you what, let me highlight some kids that are doing something that involves creativity but (not in that department!). These kids are none other than the Spirit and Truth Dance Ministry From New Bethel C.F.I. This is the church where I grew up from when I was knee high to a grasshopper to adulthood. I went back a few weeks ago to help celebrate the first ladies birthday, and boy was it a treat. I watched as these young people poured themselves out and ministered, they ministered to the point that one young lady could no longer dance (near the end). So while the world is wondering, why teen pregnancy is suddenly on the rise, you can look at these young people and listen to the words of the music that they are dancing to, and actually hear the solution to the current dilemma. “In your presence is where we must be” the song leader repeatedly says that is where they desire to be and stay, is “in God’s presence”. Well folks it looks like this church, and these kids have found a quick and easy solution to this stupid pregnancy pact, and a whole lot of societies ills. The current teen pregnancy rate at that church is 0% . Because they have this ministry, these kids are kept busy practicing after school and they are fed a constant diet of praise and worship and “in his presence” is exactly where they find themselves, they can’t help it. I knew most of those kids dancing when they were just babies and now to see them ministering in dance makes me cry tears of joy. At least I am not crying because they are popping up pregnant.

Flickr photo: P1070515-1 jessicafm

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