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Okay, So Why You Ain’t Pledgin???

August 10, 2008

My reasons are very simple…
Number 1. I volunteer in my community as an EMT on a local rescue squad.
2. I am a ministry worker, within the church and without. Everywhere I go I am on duty to serve others, this is by choice and not by banner. No group has put me up to this, it is my relationship with God almighty that prompts me to be of service to others.
3. I have sisters in the body of Christ and biologically, if I have to join your organization to feel “sister or brotherhood” no thanks.

It may seem harsh to some but BGLO’s are against the word of God, I nearly pledged into one but as usual before I jump into anything I do a little homework.This little diddy saved me from joining an ungodly cult of a sorority.


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  1. skeeweetaka permalink
    April 29, 2009 6:38am

    Alpha Kappa Alpha is based on Christian Principles so not all “BGLO’s are against the word of God” … It’s the stuff that other ppl (not our founders or incoporaters) added to our organization (i.e hazing, using hand gestures, and using the term “skee-wee”) that goes against our protocol, that makes Alpha Kappa Alpha seem unGodly I guess. But if you were to join a BGLO It’s up to you as an individual to stand for the TRUE PURPOSE of the organization that you choose to represent. I choose AKA because I knew my sorority was very strict against hazing… unlike some who choose to be hazed, I was not hazed to join. … BGLO are wrong for a person if they can’t seem to Follow the TRUE PURPOSE of the organization desired, and if they loose a sense of self. I know for a fact that my sorority is based on Christian Principles, but just like Church… their will be some ppl who choose to against.

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