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You are what you eat….

August 12, 2008

Garbage in garbage out…so goes the saying.  These days I am on a health kick that I intend on following the rest of my life.  One of the things that I monitor is what I put in my body,  I noticed that when I stopped eating a lot of processed foods and white sugar,  my weight began to drop faster,  I dropped my blood pressure which was high, and I stopped suffering from pain and fatigue.  Well I looked at what processed foods really were,  and I realized just how much damage I had been doing to my body for so many years.  You see God,  designed the digestive system to process our food.  The process begins with our teeth and our saliva.  Our teeth grind the food into particles small enough to swallow, while the saliva begins the digestive process by introducing digestive enzymes that begin to break down the food while it is still in our mouth.  Once in our stomach,  the food is churned by rhythmic movements called peristalsis, intermittently the food is being further broken down by digestive juices being pumped into the stomach by the gallbladder.  The acid present in the stomach creates the proper pH level for the undigested food bolus, allowing it to better interact with digestive enzymes. Soooo making this looong explanation short….Let’s just say from there the food goes on to the small intestine and does a couple song and dances in there and then  on to the large intestine and then… woosh out the back door!  WOW,  so what I am saying is.. we don’t need our food to be processed for us,  because God gave us our own little processing factory.  Thanks to processed food, and highly refined white sugars,  we are eating and drinking the equivalent of food that has literally already been chewed, digested and uhm you know… pooed.    I believe that over processed food, is part of why we have an obesity epidemic in America and we actually know it!  However several of us, are too lazy to change our ways we just continue to eat our pre chewed,  digested and pooed food.  Well I stopped and I am down over 30 pounds and counting,  I now can run/walk over 5 miles in less than 90 minutes and these aren’t flat miles,  these are miles on a hiking trail with lots of hills.     My resting heart rate is 64 my blood pressure is 119/69  last year my resting heart rate was 92 and my blood pressure was 160/94.    Sooo what is the spiritual significance?  Oh I am so glad you asked!  You see as I do physically,  I mirror spiritually. I had to clean out my bad habits all the way around,  I had to take a close look at everything I was taking in.  I looked at what I was reading, listening to, watching and realized it was as much junk food as the processed food I was eating that made me so overweight and unhealthy.  What did I do?  I got rid of the R&B why?  well why not?  The bible says how can two walk together less they agree,  I don’t agree with premarital sex,  I don’t agree with adultery, I don’t agree with hoeing around, I don’t agree with doing drugs.  A large portion of R&B singers sing about these things,  I in good conscience can not and will not walk in agreement with this.  The bible says to “sing unto the lord a new song”,  God does not want to hear you pining and whining away about some love lost or sleeping with somebody that you are not married to.  The bible says that, “we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is our reasonable service”  You cannot present yourself as Holy,  with dirty thoughts floating through your mind.  I am an unmarried woman and it is dangerous for me to eat a diet of dirty music talking about “freakin all night long”,  all this does is build up an appetite in me for something I cannot do.  This presents a dilema,  because Christian women (and men),  know that fornication is wrong,  they end up frustrated.  This frustration can lead you down the dark murky roads of masturbation and eventually creeping out and having sex outside of marriage.  Both practices can come back to haunt you in the worst way,  both are stable marriage slayers.  Masturbation slays a stable marriage,  because it teaches a persons body to respond to vile images and to only one type of stimulation all of which involves self and not your spouse,  the creeping out and having sex comes back to slay a stable marriage by causing the spouse to have to contend with all of the marriage bonds that have been made with each sexual encounter that was made on those so called,  “midnight excursions”.  A lot of singles don’t realize that every sexual encounter represents a marriage in the eyes of God and a soul tie is made.  In order to break this,  God must divorce this person out of your heart and break the soul tie,  or you will take all of your bed partners into your marriage.  So there you have it,  the junk food of R&B and why I don’t feed my ear gates with it,  and why I don’t bother to watch the video’s with my eye gates.  I also monitor what I read,  I don’t read nasty novels that are becoming increasingly popular among single men and women.  Thanks to books and movies like “Waiting to Exhale”,  and “How Stella got her groove back”,  women  (of color) especially, have been clamoring for the latest trashy gossip novels.  All these books do is cause you to become addicted to gossip , meddling in other peoples affairs, and making very bad choices.  My advice…steer clear….I mean very very clear.  As far as what you watch keep it modest,  stay away from horror, nasty (of course) and violent and you know the rest.  I learned the hard way about watching scary stuff,  just read my post about “Fear Factor”.   People you must realize,  a lot of these shows,  have demons assigned to them,  however these demons have no legal right to meddle in your affairs if you don’t watch this stuff.  Just like a Ouija board,  if left in the box, it is harmless and the demons assigned to it just stand around waiting and twiddling their thumbs or hooves or whatever they have.  Along comes curious and BOOM!  All hell breaks loose,  the little slider on the board starts spelling out stuff and everybody get’s scared and things start happening.  Why?  Because you just gave the spirit assigned to that cursed object, legal right to walk into your life,  now you have to close that door and seal it with the blood of Jesus, and never open it again.  These are the lessons that I have learned on my quest to get healthy,  God has shown me that I was spiritually unfit just as much as I was physically unfit,  I was filling myself with processed goods,  Hip Hop, R&B, Neo soul, sensless garbage, soap opera’s, tattle rags, national enquirer, Scary movies, stupid books on nonsensical topics.  This equated to the white sugar that we consume that leads to tooth decay…only for saint’s it leads to Truth decay and so much more….When I did eat what I thought was the right thing, it was still processed.  I watched a bunch of well rehearsed pedantic lectures on “Self” from the book of “Me, myself and I”,  from none other than a bunch of money changers in elaborate temples,  disguised as houses of worship.  I ate it up and licked the plate clean then wondered why I was so spiritually anorexic in some areas,  and suffered from bulimia in others.  I say bulimia because I could never remember the word that was spoken,  it went in one ear and clean out the other.  Saint’s friends  hear me please…  Take it from someone who knows,  don’t make the mistake that I have,  save your spiritual teeth,  chew your own food,  read the word for yourself,  turn off the TV and lay before God,  develop a relationship with him and lay off the processed food in the natural and spiritual.

God bless you all.

Love and hugs


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