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I think I might know how Noah felt….

August 19, 2008

Wooweee what a big moooove,  me my two legged baby and my four legged spoiled brat made the big move.   I finally did it Anointed readers,and nearly broke my toe in the process,  the bed railing nailed me right between my big toe and my middle toe!  Yeeeeouch!  It was so swollen they thought it was broken for two days until they got another good look at it after the swelling had subsided.  I ended up getting a tetanus shot because the railing cut into my toe really good.  I have always been able to sing Soprano but never quite as high as I screamed that day..  An- tee- way…. so  much for my gross out story!  Thank God for favor,  everything has been falling into place and it is all by his grace!  Hey that rhymes! (Tee hee).  Well I will get back to blogging as soon as I get something more high speed than what I have now, which is a back door free wireless connection which is unsecured so I don’t want to do to much jibber jabbbing  on this thing (know what I mean?)

Love and hugs


And the academy goes too…….

I would like to thank everybody to made this happen


Mom and Dad,  Kourt, Paris, Peety Pete, Stinker, Aunt Dot, Uncle Larry… If yall hadn’t been there to help me move I would be sitting somewhere on the side of the road crying.

Prayer warrior and cheerleaders and support crew: Mawanna, Ma Edwards, Aunt Margaret, First Lady Edwards, Bishop Otey, Bishop Edwards, Nicole, Tamara, Tasha, Jamie, Buster(Elder T), Step Jones,  Others (you know who you are….)

ps:  if I left you out charge it to me head and not to my heart….

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