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Back On My Soapbox!!! Wooo Hooo!!!

September 21, 2008

Wow Anointed Vessel Readers……for all the ills of the Sin-nernet,  Man did I miss it.  I finally got my second DSL modem the other day and after a little coaxing with the cmd promt and going into the black screen and poking around with the ipconfig forward slash, release, then forward slash renew, then forward slash oh shoot! I think I have it right this time!! I said second DSL modem earlier because,  the first one that was sent didn’t work.  I won’t even mention how since my big move, I went over a month without a home phone! Why in heavens name would that be you might inquire?  Well that my friends, is because of shaky service from a phone company that gave me a deal that ended up being just what I paid for….CHEAP!!!!  I ended up calling Verizon and getting just what I paid for….. A phone, and an extraordinarily high phone bill to boot!!  yipee- Ki- Yay.   At least I don’t have to go sit in the closet for a brief free wireless signal that dropped in whenever it felt like it,  along with an adware virus that snooped around my computer.  I have never seen my anti-spyware swat so many bugs.  I reviewed my risk logs and they where crammed full, every time I logged on to the free wireless connection.  Sooooo that’s why you guys didn’t see any blogs from me for a while,  I got tired of nosey programs,  snooping around in my computer.  Anyhoo,  I got my little one off to school without a hitch this year,  getting up at 5 in the morning is like being back in the military.  The first week was tiring but now it’s easy,  I find myself crawling into bed at around 9-9:30pm every night.  Ha ha and this coming from an insomniac!!!  Not anymore!  Well that’s it for now,  I have to go do mom things like dust, vacuum, fold laundry, start dinner, walk my four legged brat(not really just spoiled), then walk to bus stop and wait for my baby.   Wooooo all in a day’s work!

Hey but I can’t complain,  to God be the glory for I have lived to see this day!!!

Stay tuned as I crack my knuckles and rattles my marbles and sweep out the cobwebs and stand atop my soap box,  boy oh boy have I got a lot to talk about!!!!!  Yes indeedy!!!


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