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Read The Newspa- uh I mean The Bible lately??

September 28, 2008

As I wracked my brain trying to figure out what I would write about this time Anointed Reader’s,  I listened on the nightly news as they rambled on about the 7 gazillion dollar bail out plan and then,  my antenna perked up as they switched over to a health correspondent.  You see folks,  as you already have probably noticed, bad news doesn’t sit well on the stomach and doesn’t do well overall on your health,  Now if you rest in Jesus, what you see in the news shouldn’t rattle you ( unfortunately), not everyone can sit on their “blessed assurance Jesus is mine”  in  “Times such as these”.   Well Anointed.. what times might these be?  Well I’m glad you asked… Let’s look at Luke Chapter 21 This chapter is prophetic in it’s tone as it speaks to that past generation and to this generation which lives in the 21st Century.  The verse I want to hone in on is verse 26

“Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.”

Here is the same verse  just another version

Weymouth New Testament
“while men’s hearts are fainting for fear, and for anxious expectation of what is coming on the world. For the forces which control the heavens will be disordered and disturbed.”

Now here is a news article that I grabbed straight from the headlines and I think that this is about as plain as the nose on your faces.  Saint’s and friends the bible is literally playing out page by page,  it’s literally a page turner.  Forget the Daily News just go look outside and then pick up the bible for an update.

Market fears send nation’s stress soaring
Original Printing: USA TODAY • September 28, 2008
Reprinted: Reno Gazette-Journal

Albert Levy is a doctor to the wealthy. His Park Avenue office, in a building where co-op apartments start at $3 million, speaks to his success.As the nation lurches through this financial crisis, he’s paying a price for that status — calls at all hours from stressed-out patients, including a trio he received concerning one family:

# Call No. 1: A desperate call from the wife of a 48-year-old patient recently laid off by Credit Suisse, the international bank that sliced its work force amid the credit crisis.

Her husband had suffered an apparent heart attack, she said, and they were in a hospital emergency room.

# Call No. 2: The husband phoned. He described his acute chest pain and asked Levy to join them at the hospital.

# Call No. 3: This call came from hospital staff. Levy conferred with an emergency room doctor, and they decided it wasn’t a heart attack. It was acute anxiety. Or indigestion.

As a nation, we are emotionally struggling to digest each day’s dour economic news. Record home foreclosure filings — more than 2 million January through August. The stock market’s Dow Jones industrial average down 18.4 percent this year. Retirement and college savings crumbling. Then, there’s that looming $700 billion bailout for the financial industry.

“The feeling of self-failure is tremendous,” said Levy, a family physician for 28 years. “Some people feel that at least if they have a real heart attack or stroke, they have a good excuse not to bring money home.”

The credit crisis of recent weeks and economic decline of recent months is pitting clients against brokers or financial advisers. It’s making workers feel insecure in their jobs. And it often leads to quarrels among spouses with different views on how to handle their finances.

Unlike many other forms of stress, such as an upcoming presentation at work or a visit from the in-laws, financial stress doesn’t go away quickly.

Often, a plummeting portfolio or free-falling 401(k) results in behavior that touches an entire family. Fewer family treats. Less family time. And that inner inkling to turn to vices.

“We’ve never had this much activity, not even after 9/11,” said Ann Clark, CEO at ACI Specialty Benefits, a national employee counseling service. “Everyone is asking for help.”

Calls for financial-related consulting to the company are up 85 percent compared with this time last year, Clark said.

‘Hope has been taken away’

The above article is the property of  Reno Gazette-Journal

Copyright ©2008 Reno Gazette-Journal. All rights reserved.

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