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And I Will Pour Out My Spirit…..

October 13, 2008

The following prophecies are from two sources that I find to be reliable,  the first prophecy is one I posted previously but I believe needs to be revisited as it has become more relevant.  Click on the link and make sure to read the entire prophecy, then read the prophecy regarding Sarah Palin.  Anointed reader’s I must say,  that we are surely living in the last days.

The Link: “A Prophet Speaks”

A prophecy regarding Sarah Palin

This following vision is from around the time just after I heard that Sarah Palin become running mate. I was enquiring of God about her, as to what HE thought about her and then got this. I have held onto the vision for some time, not speaking it out – knowing many will not like it, but feel now it is high time to make it public regardless.

In the vision, I saw Sarah Palin in the centre of a circus ring. She was symbolically dressed up in a sexy, glitzy and sparkly costume belonging to a female circus ring master. She had lots of make-up on, it was show time – and also wore a huge artifical smile that did not fade as she went through the motions and warm-up type ‘exercises’ at the centre of the ring – a little bending and stretching and flexing, a little warm up before the crowds and cameras – the key though was everything she did at this stage was undemanding and not a true test of her. [But the real stuff would be too much]

She wore a sparkly silver ’swimsuit’ over which was a sash with republican colors, and a cropped scarlet red jacket. She had a sparkly Uncle Sam hat with stars and stripes on her head. She was wearing sparkly high heels and her long legs were on show.  It was very glitzy and very showy and very seemingly patriotic. Palin had a big dazzling smile and her glitzy costume sparkled as it caught the lights and reflected light all over the place so one was dazzled  – so much so, that one did not notice she was also holding a whip.

The clear understanding with the ringmaster symbolism  – God was saying that if the republicans got in, Palin would at some stage actually be in charge as the ring master, the one in control – she would not just be a ‘helper’. Her experience then, or lack of it, really did matter. Her ability, or lack of it, really was key. It was not less important an issue because she was only now running for vice president. I know some think McCain could carry her or make up/compliment for her failures while in office – but the real issue is not about John McCain’s abilities at all or his ability to carry her – as in a sense, his abilities or politics are irrelevant if Sarah Palin is to be the one in charge one way or the other [it was after this vision that I found out how old John McCain was and how sick he has been – and this, as an example, may be one way Palin would wield more power than normal.]

Anyway, regardless of how,  and even what, I clearly saw that Palin was not equipped [let alone called] for such a position – it was way too demanding for her abilities and it was NOT a good thing as far as God was concerned, and added to that there was also a sense of lack of God’s pleasure with it/her. It was a clear warning about Sarah Palin.

A few days after this vision, I sought further clarification on the subject.  I then saw part of the same vision again, yet this time Palin went and ’sat down’. As she did so, she revealed that she was standing on an articifical leg. I do not understand how this specifically applies, or what it applies to, but the clear understanding from this is her ’stand’ [in politics] is artificial somehow. All is not how it appears with Sarah Palin.

People beware, people be warned, people be on your guard and be wise. Do not be fooled by surface appearances and by dazzling skins and ‘flashy’ outer layers. Even snakes have to shed their skins sometime.

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