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I told you so, is totally inappropriate here, so I’ll just shake my head and roll my eyes….

December 30, 2008

union-aflcio-labor2008-2353608-lNow I have heard more than my share horror stories from the uninsured and underinsured.  I officially can say, I fall into the uninsured catagory, however I am a little more fortunate than most.   I am a disabled veteran,  so I can go to the VA hospital for all of my medical care.  It may not be the best but beggars can’t be choosey.  Many Americans don’t have the luxury of pulling out an insurance card  and waltzing down to the doctor’s office to recieve treatment for things such as simple respiratory infections.  Instead, simple infections go untreated and turn into something worse like pneumonia or  chronic bronchitis,  causing missed days at work or even loss of  employment.   So what is the cure for this  condition, how do we keep people from and slipping through the ever enlarging cracks in our overwhelmed  excuse of a healthcare system?  (drum roll please) “Universal healthcare”…  Oh Pullleeease people!  I hate to be the one to burst your bubble or shatter your dreams but allowing the government to try to handle healthcare is a MISTAKE!!!!  Why do I say that???  Ok case in point…(Forgive me, these are the facts as I remember them,  I didn’t go dig them up,  this stuff is better left burried). 

Terri Schiavo…. 

  • Young lady in supposed  PVS (persistant vegitative state)
  • Pulsatile, was not on respirator, and according to family responded some stimuli
  • Was being cared for using state and government funds
  • Family asked to resume care using private funds from donations, church, friends, etc.
  • Family also asked to assume all responsibility for Terri’s care

What was the opinion of the court?  Let her die

But the husband wanted her to die a dignified death you say?  husband who,  the man that is assumed by the family to have caused Terri’s condition was living in adultery at the time according to biblical standards, (remember in sickness and in health,  he took a vow before God).  Who was he to decide her fate outside of being her husband which he stopped being long  before his bid to pull the plug.  He just needed her to die to have a clear conscience,  (sorry my opinion folks). I have seen so called mercy killings of animals and they were a heck of lot less painfull and Waaaay more dignified than what poor Terri went through.

So….Anointed why on earth did you bring that up anyway?  Oh I am so glad you asked.

You see in this climate of CHANGE (no not Obama change) but change overall, as in the economy taking a nose dive, people becoming jobless, homeless, and overall hopeless about the new Vietnam for this era.  Now it appears that we have money for everything, and everyone, but the American people.  Now as I mentioned earlier,  there is talk of government healthcare.  Wow,  am I hearing correctly.  You mean to tell me,  people are willing to trust the same government that just helped to create the afore mentioned messes to handle their healthcare?  Wait let me get this straight,  American’s are now demanding the same government that theyhave to get a lawyer and SUE for disability payments that their doctor says they should have, and they have paid into their whole working life, handle their health care?   The same government that took a reasonably workable medicare drug system and screwed it up with part D,  and other parts that have to be renewed yearly.  For what?  Are they checking to see if the beneficiaries are dead yet,  change of address,  what?…What on earth do they need a senior citizen to fill out each and every cotton picking year.  It’s this and other ridiculousness that makes it easier for the government to  screw seniors out of their benefits for messing up one of their stupid piles of paper work.  All they have to do is forget their renewal date and boop,  their goes ther benefits.  How stupid is that?  They paid into the system for 30 or 40 yrs only to have to contend with this mess. Is this the same governments healthcare converyer belt that you want your health and your families health to be thrust onto.  I have already heard of a story in some state of a woman with cancer that qualifies for state health care (in one of the 1 or 2 states that offer it) but because of her chances of survivability,  they denied treatment.  Well gee isn’t that nice!  So now we see what it’s all about… The bottom line.       Soooo,  just got one more question for ya…  How much do you think your life is worth? Uhm to them I mean….

Hint….If they think nothing of killing millions of unborn, pulling the plug on Terri Schiavo because she no longer met the definition of “quality of life”  what do you think.  When the government has to foot the whole bill,  you need a new kidney, and you are  say…63 years old what do you think their definition will be for you?  “Sorry,  we cannot authorize the needed expenditure for your kidney transplant due to life expectancy of aprox 13 yrs”.  Imagine getting that as a denial letter…  Basically they  are telling you, “sorry charlie we will be spending the money on a young workhorse that can continue to toil away in our newfound Communist/Socialist republic.”

~Anointed  and yes I know there are typos all over the darn place but hey I did this at 4:00 in the morning at the Rescue Squad trying to stay awake! WEEEE  I’ll fix it later

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