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Oh Where Oh Where Has The Chur-urch Gone…..

March 17, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where can they be???

church_window_sunshine_236211_l4I have tried to watch the news without being too judgmental and without much bias but that is not easy.  With all the yapping about  Octo-mom,  and the biggee,  Mr. Obama reversing the ban on federal funding on embryonic stem cell research,  I am beside myself with opinion .     Okay,   let’s discuss one at a time,  but first let me tell you my pet peeve,  which (by the way),  is the reason for the title.  I am a Pro-Lifer and even though Octo-mom might be missing a couple neurons, she said some things that should have shook the Body of Christ and moved them into action.  She valued the life of her embryo’s so she refused to destroy them.  Now I admit,  she could have just let them stay frozen,  the one thing that I can congratulate her on is, she didn’t have an abortion, or selective reduction (as they like to put it).  Even in her seemingly crazed state,  she saw the value of each and every one of those little precious lives.  Who steps up to the plate?  Dr.  Freakin Phil!  I really appreciate it honest doctor Phil but where are the churches??? Especially the mega ministries?  Where is T.D. Jakes and Paula White, Creflo Dollar and so on?? How bout Mr. Purpose Driven?  He’s cornered market on finding purpose in everything,  why remain silent on this,  geez this was a purpose driven cash cow. Ok ok let me stop being snarky. But honestly this is really getting on my nerves.  How about the president reversing the ban on federal funds on embryonic stem cell research?!  Where is the outrage from the body of Christ where is the uproar?  My goodness folks what is going on.  Here I am along with a few others yelling and screaming,  ranting and raving,  on the internet, and we are occasionally joined by a silent minority.  Why?   We are supposed to be the MAJORITY in America,  we are allowing ourselves to be bullied quiet and I for one will not stand for it.   This is a rallying cry for the body of Christ to get up from your paralysis and slumber,  wipe Ichabod from your forehead and get to work.  The Kingdom has suffered much violence and has lost much,  we must take it back just as violently,  not by arms nor by might but by the  spirit of the Lord. This is a spiritual battle,  remember one can put a thousand demons to flight and two ten thousand.  The enemy has set his minions to work in high places, in our government, and places of authority all over our great land and it is high time we show the devil where his rightful place is.  Under our feet!!!


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  1. Sunicka permalink
    March 22, 2009 6:38pm


    One reason why our churches are not crying loud on our president is truly because of the color of his skin!! My feelings is that we (African Americans) separate being Christian, and being a person of color. That is why we stand by, and take so much without a word being said. We wanted change, but at what price are we going to pay for change? If we take color out of the picture, and just look at the pure facts on this man, and his stance on so many things, does he really represent Christian values? One thing we need to learn is, just because someone is black, can speak well, can play a sport, can sing so well it brings tears to your eyes – just because the word GOD may come out of their mouths does not mean they are the real deal!! We need to stop following the false idols and learn who God truly is!!

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