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America America God Shed His……

April 4, 2009

Wrath on thee….

amflagwavI fear at the rate we are going as a country this will be the tune we will be soon singing.  America has become the new Sodom and Gommarah.  We live in a place where just about anything goes and the climate is ripe with the stench of sin.  The churches are so drunk off their lust for warm bodies and money that Ichabod is hanging under the steeple in neon lights and nobody seems to notice anymore or care.  Well let me take that back,  folks do notice…but sometimes it seems like those of us that give a hoot are up against insurmountable odds.  I found this guy on the internet by the name of Dr Scott A. Johnson who is a bit of a spitfire.   Here is a copy of what he had to say about America’s declining morals. Just click on the flashing Link  Below then click on the sermon entitled “U.S. Declining Morality Expose’ ”


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