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My Thoughts Exactly…

May 23, 2009

remote_hifi_television_260758_tnWhile watching Russel Simmon’s Brave New Voices on HBO Friday night, I was overwhelmed by the wisdom that came out of the mouths of mere babes.  It’s amazing how intelligently these young people handled the spoken word.  I literally felt what some of them were saying as they spoke with such conviction.  Naturally as is my predilection when I find something good to share,  I browsed you tube to try to  find a sample of the show to show Anointed readers. Unfortunately I didn’t see anything from Friday, but I did see something from one young man that bears hearing .  When I say, “bears hearing”,  the target audience is African American,  however this is an equal opportunity page so come one come all.  The lesson that this young man has so eloquently made into prose is one that must be learned and quickly by the so called “Hip Hop” generation .  Allow me to set it up for you…..  He takes us into his life of channel surfing in a desperate search for quality entertainment,  tired of  the same old rap songs, P. Diddy, and blah blah blah,  without giving the whole thing away he takes a swipe at BET.   BET is nationally known as Black Entertainment Television,  but in this example he comes right out and labels it what it is, along with the example of what he watches,  Black Exploitation Television.  I have also heard it termed Booty Entertainment Television by  Rev. G. Craig Lewis (not sure if he originated that terminology),  and worse.  When I finished listening to this young man, I folded my arms and thought to my self with a satisfied nod.  “Hmmm my thoughts exactly” Once you see the video you will see why I am not saying anything else….He said it already!

Soooo how was your day?


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