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America’s New Pastime…Death and Entertainment

July 2, 2009

casket“The United States of Entertainment”  is how I heard one commentator describe it,  on Fox news last night.    In one of my rare moments of down time as of late,  I sat and listened,  as they droned on and on,  about America’s newest pastime….”Death with a side of Entertainment”.   No longer is an announcement made of the sad passing of an icon,  no you must now hear every lurid detail of their past.   You then find out to your horror that they didn’t have skeletons in their closets but flippin bodies!  The words Rest In Peace now sound almost comical, when you think about it in this context. This past week it seemed like death became like a preoccupation on the minds of many, (I even thought about it more).  However; (as I already implied ), the seedier side had to show itself…. Every Journalist is now “Investigative” .   I got a question  when did Tabloid reporting become the NORM?  Nevertheless…. Here is the list of those that passed WITHOUT the CSI details.  Just the facts Mam/Sir.

Ed McMahon died Tuesday June 23rd from complications of systemic cancer.

Farrah Fawcett died from complications of anal cancer on Thursday June 25th.

Michael Jackson died on Thursday June 25th from a cause yet to be determined.

Gale Storm, television star from the 1950s, died on Saturday June 27th.

Billy Mays died on Sunday June 28th as a result of heart disease.

Fred Travalena died from complications of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on Sunday June 28th.

Karl Malden died of natural causes on Wednesday July 1st

As I listened to the commentator go on and on about the right amont of coverage being given to each and how Micheal Jackson was being given the status of a near Diety,  I thought to myself.   “Hmmm,   we have North Korea threatening a thermonuclear war (unlikely but bears watching),  Afghanistan tensions brewing,  our government shredding the Constitution,  throwing away our personal liberties and preparing to tax us through the nose with a cherry on top.  All while most of America is sitting in front of the “Boob tube”.  Well there you have it folks I see why they call it that,  because if you sit in front of it long enough and listen to the garbage that they spew instead anything of real use,  you end up being just that… A Boob!  Hence I have decided to continue in my current efforts of busying myself withmy current mission of preparing for our churches annual I.C.F. conference which is labor intensive to say the least!  Oh BTW that is my excuse for not posting for a while  I have been busy being busy  ha ha!  Oh yah and about the preoccupation with death thing  I mentioned earlier…..  I think people are realizing that no amount of money or fame will make you impervious to death.  It is the one apt.  all of us will have one day and the question which should  preoccupy our minds is,  what preperations have you made?  Are you ready to die?  Where are you going after you do?  Is there a heaven or hell?  for answers to these questions see my page on “Looking for Salvation” in the Pages section of my blog.


Blessings and Agape love to all

RIP to all the named deceased and my condolences to the families in their time of sadness.

~”earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal”…”there is no pit so deep that God is not yet deeper still”~

first quote author unknown

second quote Corrie Ten Boon

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