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Scare Tactics

October 22, 2009

cdc vaccine black girlWow the mass media is having a field day scaring the dickens out of folks.    I have one really big question.  How do you not have enough of something Nobody Wanted in the first place!!!!!  Well economics 101… pull out your thinking caps and take notes.  Now I freely admit, I am no scientific rocket when it comes to things like this, but just last week a judge put a halt to  forced vaccinations of health professionals in New York .  My daughters school sent out permission forms for a H1N1 vaccination clinic for a week from now and people were screaming, “don’t take it, it’s poison”, all at the same time.   The thing I noticed though,  was that there was an overabundance of the stuff (the vaccine that is).  They were practically trying to shove it down folks throats.  So nobody was budging and nobody was buying into the hype either.  A week later and highly publicized deaths and a 60 minutes show that looked more like an infomercial for the swine flue shot and people are beating down the doors of the public health depts.  who suddenly have turned up empty handed.  What does this sound like,  look like smell like,  quack like?  Oh I am so glad you asked.   It looks like a manufactured vaccine shortage.  Why you ask?  Well that’s where economics 101 comes in…. Supply and demand.  If you lower the supply and create a demand.   Whoalah  you move the merchandise off the shelves and pocket a lot of cash in the process.  Who cares about the damage that is caused in the wake.  I bet you didn’t hear about the damages,  deaths and convulsive fits that have been caused by the H1N1 virus vaccine have you?  More importantly I bet you didn’t hear about other countries who have already gone past their flu seasons and H1N1 was relatively mild and Big Pharma LOST A LOT  OF MONEY because of that.  Now I can hear the wheels turning,  and you asking what has big pharma and the media have to do with anything.  It’s a big old tangled web people believe me and it has New World Order stamped all over it.  The media is the megaphone to scare people straight and the rest,  well you know the rest,  just turn on the one eyed monster in your family room.  They will all be squeeling like little pigs for the next few months until they find something else to scare the sheeple with.  Body of Christ once again,  let me warn you.  Get in and Stay in your word,  the deceptions of the last and evil days has already begun  don’t be distracted.   To live is Christ to die is gain!


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