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Something Stinks

January 30, 2010

Good Day Anointed Readers,

I have made up in my mind that I will only be giving generously to a couple of church organizations locally that are sending missions directly to Haiti.   I have always had suspicions of overwhelming media coverage that seems out of step with the norm.  What do I mean?  Well until now, Haiti has been a nation that Christian organizations, and other charitable organizations have all but exclusively born the burden of trying to take care of the desperately poor people in this country.  Now a huge tragedy has taken place, and several organizations have tried to step out in front as though they have been there all along.  First and foremost is the Red Cross,  I have grown more and more suspicious of this organization since learning about it’s two faced leadership, money squabbles and legal issues.  They are fast on their way to becoming another Acorn so I believe Haiti was a way for them to really rehab their international image (blech).   When you read what I post below and follow the trail of deceit you will see why this organization makes me sick.  Now don’t get me wrong,  most local Red Cross chapters are fine and work like clockwork when needs arise they are there to help,  but on a national/international  scale, this charitable entity is downright stinky!  Between them and FEMA pointing fingers blaming everyone but themselves for poor disaster management with the worlds largest budget to play with during Katrina I say disband the whole thing.  Let the Christian organizations and Catholic Charities that have been there for years around the clock ,  manage and lead the way,  instead of acting like a bull in a china shop.  It’s no wonder so many have yet to recieve help,  and goods are piling up with no clear system of dispersal.  It seems to me,  you might want to ask the people who have been at this the longest what to do,  they have been there through hurricanes and other natural disasters that the U.S. just turned their backs to.  They were there to rehab the hundreds of people turned around in boats,  who came back sunburned and dehydrated to the point of no return.  Instead  the US  decided to stick it’s big foot in the rubble and try to finish crushing the people with the military presence first instead of Aid!  Whose bright idea was that? You guessed it,  the same bozo’s that did it with Katrina.  They put the military in place first,  then spent unnecessary time taking inventory or accessing the situation,  which is idiocy in it’s purest form.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to see what is needed,  no tactical team or report needs to take 3 days to come up with the obvious,  while in the meantime people are dying of the easiest fixable ailments.  Simple dehydration and starvation,  and infection became killers in Katrina and Haiti.  Stupid bureaucratic time wasting was directly to blame.  So why am I mad at the Red Cross?   Well it seems that they have some political agendas of their own that run sickeningly deep and make me wonder is there some type of dooms day weapon that these conspiracy theorists keep batting around that actually did cause Katrina and Haiti’s quake (HAARP anyone?).

Here is the disgusting evidence…..As always do your own research behind this and behind me and come to your own conclusions!!


Red Cross/Haiti Conspiracy
by Edrick Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010 at 6:06 AM

Haiti (Deep Conspiracy)

Haiti (Deep Conspiracy)

I was watching the Colbert Report from a few a few days ago, And Kathleen Sebelius, (Guest on his show, Secretary of Health and Human Services), Told everyone to Donate to the American Red Cross for Haiti Relief through their Cell Phones. ($10 donation)

While I respect the situation in Haiti, and feel for the people there, I have never really trusted the Red Cross.

Too many nefarious connections, too many lost dollars, too many bad vibes…

So, instead of denigrating them, I decided to do some digging into the Red Cross.

This thread is a the story of the connections that I found:

First, to understand the American Red Cross, we will have to look at its leadership, known as the “Board of Directors” their terms began in 2009.

*Gail J. McGovern (President, CEO)

*Ann Kaplan (Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee; Vice Chair of the Compensation and Management Development Committee)

*Suzanne Nora Johnson (Executive Committee; Chair of the Compensation and Management Development Committee)

*Paula E. Boggs (Audit and Risk Management Committee)

*Allan Goldberg (Chair, QRC Subcommittee, Audit and Risk Management Committee)

*Sanford “Sandy” Belden (Chair of the Audit and Risk Management Committee; Executive Committee)

*Steve Wunning (Vice Chair, Audit and Risk Management Committee; Compensation and Management Development Committee)

*Cesar Aristeiguieta (Audit and Risk Management Committee)

*H. Marshall Schwarz (Audit and Risk Management Committee)

*Melanie Sabelhaus (Chair, Philanthropy Committee; Executive Committee)

*Richard M. Fountain (Vice Chair, Philanthropy Committee)

*Jerry “James” Goodwin (Philanthropy Committee)

*Richard Patton (Philanthropy Committee)

*Bonnie McElveen-Hunter (Chairman, Executive Committee)

*Joe Pereles (Vice Chairman, Executive Committee)

*Laurence E. Paul (Vice Chairman – Finance, Executive Committee)

*Jim Keyes (Vice Chair, Governance and Board Development Committee)

*Youngme Moon (Governance and Board Development Committee)

*Anna Maria Larsen (Governance and Board Development Committee)

There… Now that we got the Board of Directors out of the way…

Let’s get to the meat of the story, shall we?

Starbucks is a company that sells coffee.

I think this is common knowledge, but did you know that one of Haiti’s primary exports is coffee?

Minimum wage disputes have long been an issue in Haiti, the previous minimum wage was 70 gourdes ($1.75) per day, that the Parliament voted to increase to 200 gourdes ($5) per day.

This attempt was rebuffed by president René Préval, and an agreement was reached to set the minimum wage at 125 gourdes per day instead.

This decision came upon Business concerns over the economic ramifications of raising the minimum wage.

Haiti’s special economic situation revolves around its low payed workers, the duty free exports to the united states, and its proximity to the united states markets.

Interestingly enough, Paula E. Boggs, Executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of Starbucks Coffee Company, is also on the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the American Red Cross.…

The Haitian leadership has been plagued over the years with scandals of kickbacks, embezzlement, and extortion.

None so prolific as the financial abuse of the Haitian owned Telecom company, whose funds were imbezzled by then president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.…

It should come as no surprise that the Hatian telcom market is so lucrative, considering the numerous Haitians living within the continental United States who call their relatives in Haiti.

The Kickbacks were in the form of “Connection Termination Charges” that were placed onto the US callers, and the funds were handled by the Latin American division of AT&T, whom Aristide ordered to move to a numbered offshore bank account in Panama, while he was in the United States.

The international TelCom Industries has been trying to get the Haitian Government to Publicize the State owned Telcom company for quite some time…

Now that they have been hit by this Giant Quake… The Haitian Government may have no choice in the matter.

Oddly Enough, Gail J. McGovern, the President/CEO of the American Red Cross, also holds a Top managing Position at AT&T.…

The rebuilding effort in Haiti will likely require huge amounts of money, and expensive machinery.

The Restructuring of the Manufacturing base in Haiti will require precision tools and other services.

This effort will more than likely cost millions of dollars.

One Company that has graciously committed to help in the rebuilding efforts, is Caterpillar Inc. the manufacturer of heavy construction machinery.

And, Lucky for them, Steve Wunning the Vice Chair of Audit and Risk Management Committee and member of the Compensation and Management Development Committee of the American Red Cross… Just so happens to be the Group President of Caterpillar Inc. and ALSO, the Director of Kennametal Inc. (Precision tool manufacturer)…

The serious situation in Haiti is exacerbated by the poor health records for the country.

AIDS in Haiti effects one in ten.

The medicines that will be required by the Red Cross to help the suffering of the Haitian people will in all likelihood cost millions of dollars.

Luckily, Merck has a viable AIDS treatment drug, “Isentress” (Raltegravir) that could help, in addition to being a HUGE supplier of other pharmaceuticals.

Such an Odd coincidence, that Allan Goldberg, The Chair for the QRC Subcommittee and member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee for the American Red Cross… Also happens to be the Executive Director at Merck and Co. Inc.

I swear, the Deeper I look into this thing, the Nastier it gets.

The one charitable agencythat is as nationally known as the Red Cross,  that has managed to rise above all of this,  is the Salvation Army.  The agency head receives about 13,000 dollars per yr as a salary,  and 100 percent of what they get goes to their charitable work.  Can’t say that for the Red Cross….~Anointed

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