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I’ll Have An Order Of O To Go …..Uhm As In O Positive

March 17, 2010

Ok  I had a comment from Someone named Nikki that actually was a question.  I promised that I would make a post about it and since that time I have been studying all things Vampire.  I have watched the crazy HBO series True Blood,  (By the way I don’t recommend anybody watch),  I read books,  did research that included watching the first part of the Teen Craze , Twilight and am waiting for the second part before I complete this post.  The question was “What about the Twilight series?”  I at first thought,  “Oh well I can answer that”,  and I immediately started hammering away at the keyboard about the youth of today,  and how everything that they see and hear is very unrealistic.  I notice that music is beginning to sound very distorted,  and singers are more and more relying on computer synthesized voices,  shows on TV are more geared toward mysticism,  and witchcraft.  Humans  are genetically engineered, enhanced,  or from another realm or planet all together.  It seems that entertainment is setting people up to hate their humanity and desire something  more and at times something else entirely,  whether it be alien, subhuman, superhuman,  or supernatural.  Well as I was going along this  line of reasoning,  the Holy spirit stopped me and said,  “wait,  before you continue  go back and find the source so that people can no the real truth”.  I almost fell of the bed.  I chuckled to myself,  and thought “everybody, knows the legend of Vlad the impaler,  that’s where it  started …… someplace in Transylvania right????”   When I decided ….. Well… was compelled to study and find out where this began,  the desire to be more than you are,  to be other worldly,  enhanced, Immortal, All Knowing, Powerful,   for lack of better wording,  to be…..LIKE A GOD……I almost fainted because,  I found myself all the way back to the beginning of time.   Stand by for a very long part Two to this post!!!!

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  1. lapreghiera permalink
    March 18, 2010 6:38pm

    So true, this is a Garden of Eden issue. I have not watched any of these series/read the books for this very reason. I did see “Day Breakers” and in the end (spoiler alert) the only logical answer was for the vampires to embrace their humanity when a cure for their disease was found. Finally, something that didn’t praise/glorify vampirism. There was a minister I used to listen to on sermon audio that talked about the prevalence of the desire to be gods, and anger at the true God in entertainment, so I am interested to see what your part II holds.

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