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…..This Post Is Rated “M” for Grown Folks Content!

April 30, 2010

The body of Christ has now become the literal Butt of many jokes.  At one time you had to stay up late at night to catch comic’s poking fun at “the church”.  Now it’s open season.   What do you think brought this on Anointed?

Oh I am sooo glad you asked…

There was a time when the church sang gospel which consisted of :   Jesus being born of a virgin,  dying on the cross, rising from the dead and his promise to come back.  Now the church has been infiltrated with “Inspirational music”  such as

“Never would have made it” (yah sounds good,  until you find out this song was about the song writer’s father)

“I’m lost without you” (and just who is it you are referring to?)

“Stomp” (ripped from a very ungodly worldly song)

Along with the music, came the Holy hip hop, dance crews,  pants hanging down to the ground, club atmosphere, and worse….  A general disrespect for the house of the Lord.

Then if that isn’t bad enough you have the homosexual agenda  full blast, in full regalia, on display from the pulpit to the pew.

The Catholic church has been hit with multi-million dollar law suits for sexual misconduct with minors,  and now several prominent protestant ministers and pastors have been caught up in scandals.  The news media has had a heyday at our expense.

COGIC has a possible class action law suite in the works for countless accusations of abuse by clergy to minors, especially young men also a complaint website has been set up.

Jaunita Bynum and her husbands very public domestic disputes and divorce

Pastor Paulk sexual misconduct with  female staff and him finally admitting that his nephew was really his son (from an affair)

Then the money scandals, and prosperity doctrine schemes,  just led to more problems,  and opportunity for the world to poke fun.

This all leads to what I saw the other night that made me want to cry but it is we the body of Christ who have allowed the world to dishonor us in this way.  We have got to do better,  we are setting ourselves up to be made into a mockery.

Warning  this next video is graphic rated R for content title of video include filthy language!

Thanks to a sleeping, lazy, greedy, scandal riddled body….Idiots like Jon Stewart can feel completely at ease using a “gospel choir” to get his point across to Fox news by getting them to sing Go ***** Yourself!  If that’s not bad enough he hops and dances around, making light of the Holy Spirit and praise,  like so many Madea plays and movies have done.   Dancing and praising God in spirit,  and in truth is now a big joke too huh.

America needs to pray,  the body of Christ needs to pray for America, and for itself.   Judgment has already begun in the house of God,  and it is only going to get more serious as people simply take God for a Santa Claus, and salvation as a fire insurance policy.

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