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Hey What’s With The Riddles And Passwords????

May 3, 2010

You’ve got questions,  I have answers.    Recently,  I have seen some things that have disturbed me greatly, and have an effect on the body of Christ,  however;  the content of some of the video’s that I embed, are considered mature.  As a believer in Christ, I in no way,  want to offend,  because younger eyes peruse this sight, I decided to put riddles in,  that older  minds  can figure out,  to obtain the password. This content is aimed toward adults,  parent’s mostly, to warn them about the dangers of the entertainment industry. I want to point out the downright demonic nature of the movies,  coming out of Holly-weird,  and Walt Dizzy.  Their most recent attempt to assuage  African-American viewers, by  offering them their very own fairy tail princess,  was an absolute excercise in ignorance and racism.   In Walt Dizzy’s  The Princess and the frog, the princess meets  a poor little frog with overly exaggerated lips, which the idiots at Walt Ditzo,  figured Black folks,  could relate to right?  Along with the big lipped frog,  they have a lightning bug with a big butt.  Yep Walt Dimwit,  we black folks can totally relate we see black frogs with big lips all the time and…….I honestly could see them putting the following lines in the script about,  oh say……40 yrs ago 

” we nose dem thin lipped onze be dem wite frogs,  my mammy saze if I getz a lite-nin bug,  I best get a Black one soze I cin see.  Dem wite onze  be so lil, cuz dey aint got no butt.  eye mite trip an git my lil black self loss”

Along with the obvious racism and idiocy, coupled with plot holes,  large enough to throw people through,  the witchcraft and occult symbolism severe.  Just  looking at the still images alone, made me want to perform an exorcism on my computer.  The poor unsuspecting parents,  who took their little princesses,  to this movie expecting something totally different,  left with their stomachs in their throat.   Some parents took their children out, and tried unsuccessfully to explain,  why mommy or daddy needed to leave in a hurry.  Sadly,  after watching mere minutes of the movie,  and sensing their child twitch reflexively,  in response to the darker imagery,  and scary parts of the movie, a lot of parents realized they had just made a bad investment.  These parents had come to realize to their chagrin,  that they had just invested in a couple of weeks of nightmares, a possible lifetime of trouble without the intervention of Christ,  and the extraction of about 30 bucks from their bank account.  Oh yah,  I didn’t want to leave out that Walt Dim-bulb,  also added a Mardi Gras scene with beads and all. Unfortunately,  this simply sets up a subliminal book mark in a young childs brain for later.  Fast forward 10-15 yrs,  and that book mark is accessed,  a connection is made when a” Girls gone wild”,  in Louisiana during Mardi Gras,  commercial comes on.  This opens a spiritual door for sexual temptation,  to walk right into the lives of the little princess,  that went to the movies with her unsuspecting parents. (subliminal bookmarking info obtained through reading similar study in ATS) 

Oh and for those who didn’t notice….  the frog prince was not black,  so I guess the message to little black girls is, ” your Prince won’t,  or couldn’t possibly be,  a black man”.   Explain that for me Walt Dizmo?

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