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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Kids Alone With Disney

May 3, 2010


Disclaimer:  I put in a riddle,  and password protected this post,  but absolutely nobody figured it out,  so I cleaned it up and rated it PG. There are some hairy things in here,  and no I don’t mean fuzzy wuzzy!  It’s downright hairy scary, what you will find out,  some things you already know,  other things you will be just finding out.  Now the long quote (which I point out to you),  which is cut and pasted from another site,  is a little dicey some things I just come right out and tell you I don’t agree with (in red).  The video that I picked,  gets the information out that I want you to see,  however;  the end of the video takes a dark turn right into the psych ward,  babbling on about the matrix and yada yada yada.  My advice…  watch with discernment,  and use the shovel and rake method,  rake in what you can use,  and shovel over your shoulder what you can’t.


Why should we read the bible to our children, take them to the park show them how to play board games and jump rope? After you read this post you will see why I am emploring all parents…..  Don’t sit your kids in front of the television.  I will give you my own experience why this is important.  My daughter taught me this lesson when she was very young,  and I will never ever forget it.   I remember going into the kitchen to fix her lunch and my daughter was watching the movie Alladin. I want to say it was in 1998 or 99′, my daughter was born in 1993,  and Alladin came out in 92′.   My daughter was about 5 or 6 yrs of age.  I have always been a cautious mom,  and have spent a lot of time with my daughter.  I am fortunate since I have one child and she was the only grandchild for a long time she was very doted,  on and got a lot of attention.  My daughter was not allowed to watch a lot of TV,  so this was special.  I took her to the store,  and without even thinking,  let her pick out her own movie.  When we got home,  instead of my usual routine of watching it first,  I just popped it in and busied myself with my homework,  and other things.  My daughter seemed instantly transfixed by the movie, her  eyes were  wide with wonder.  When I notice that it was time for her lunch,  I walked into the kitchen.  Iwatched my daughter’s actions  in my peripheral vision,  and I noticed my daughter went from sitting Indian style,  to crouching on her hands and knees.  I didn’t pay too much attention to it,  I figured maybe it was a bit of thematic drama, as I did hear the music take a bit of an ominous tone.  No sooner than I went back to cutting the crust off her bread,  my daughter ran into the kitchen.  She had this stricken look in her face.  I asked her,  “What’s was wrong?”  She wouldn’t really say,  she just mumbled, ” mommy I don’t like that movie,  I don’t want to watch it”.  From that day to this.  My now 17 yr old daughter, will not watch that movie.  She is now able to explain to me,  that when the cave morphed into some type of demonic entity,  and started to speak,  that horrified her little barely above a toddler mind.  It nearly shut her down.  She had nightmares for a long time.  I learned never to bring stuff like that into my house.  I began to research furiously all things Disney,  and toys and I was heartbroken at what I discovered.  This rabbit hole is so deep,  I beleive it reaches all the way to hell.  Below is a long quote from another site.  The only changes,  are pictures, and video,  which I have added.  Not everything in the quote or video’s, do I competely agree with,  but I think it pretty much covers how despicable the makers of our entertainment behave.  Remember the devil is the prince of the air,  this includes the airways, TV and Radio are  in his domain.

Author:  JWPDX [ Fri Apr 23, 2010 8:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: one world, satanic pictures

 Quote:Listen well, for there are elements of Satanism, witchery, and pornography present in Disney’s films. I will tell you some of the many, since time doesn’t permit more. Because we want your home to be free, like our homes have become free. First example, in the movie “The Little Mermaid”, on the cover of the film, the third column of the castle is an erect male sexual member. This video, The little Mermaid, is child pornography. In the background, during the song which the lobster sings “kiss the girl”, there is a Jamaican group speaking African words that are a spell to be cast on each and every child that watches the film. Second example, in the film “Aladdin” during a scene where Aladdin is fighting with his pet monkey, you can clearly hear him say the words, “All good teenagers take off their clothes.” Third, and possibly the most damning example, The film “Pocahontas”. Do you know what that word really means? It is a Native American word, “Poca” meaning “Spirit”, and “Hontas” meaning “Abyss”. A Spirit from evoked from the Abyss. When you or your children utter this word, you are calling the devil to your side.
Another example is in the film “The Lion King”. Time Magazine said that it is the most dirty, perverse, and violent of all Disney’s films, and that the children who watch “The Lion King” today, will be the serial killers of tomorrow. Do you know who produced “The Lion King”? A gay man who has already passed away from the AIDS virus in New York. His name was John Smith. He created the character Scar, a lion who walks effeminately. Where have you ever seen an effeminate Lion?!? In this film, there is a point where the main lion, Simba, he hits his paws on the ground, and the dust particles that flyy up into the air spell out S-E-X, and this has been seen and agreed upon by everyone. And you still believe Disney is family entertainment? 
There was a report published by Dr. James Dobson, in which he shows us a video made by Disney, and starring Mickey Mouse, called “Growing Up Gay”. Disney has created two homosexual Mickeys and two lesbian Minnies. In this video, Disney’s spokesmouse invites all male teenagers to explore “The wonderful world of Homosexuality” THAT IS DISNEY.
Hollywood, and Disney in particular, have been extracting beings from stargates and implanting them into our bodies without us even knowing it.(Anointed Vessel Blog in no way supports the previous Underlined statement!) The Illuminati owned and operated music and film industries use mind control and black magic to to enslave the minds and souls of the masses. Popular film and music are saturated with symbols, rituals, and subliminal messaging . Many of Hollywood’s mind control artists are fully aware of what they are doing. American rapper/producer Jay-Z is a proud member of the Illuminati, using it’s emblems and logos on his products, flashing the Illuminati Pyramid hand sign. But Jay-Z’s most notable contribution to the agenda would have to be his young female protege, Barbados born singer Rhianna. Her hugely successful song “Umbrella” is actually a spell itself, and if you pay attention to the lyrics, it is obviously a song directed at the people straight from the mouth of Satan, who promises his love and protection to anyone who agrees to “Stand under his Umbrella”. The Umbrella or Parasol is yet another symbol of cross dimensional travel, based on the eight spoked wheel used by Egyptian Pharaohs and Ancient Mayans.Hollywood and the music industry have been implanting into our minds and bodies inter-dimensional beings,(Inter-dimensional beings meaning demons!) knowing that mankind has always tried to be like gods, and imitating them. They create for us these “Stars” to follow. Once we begin following these stars through our own ritualistic imitations of these rappers, actors and singers and their key phrases and rhymes, and with the help of television, which projects their magical rituals and spells into our homes and minds, we become subjugated, open for demon possession, and we develop a kind of multiple personality syndrome. Pretty much all of us are being affected by this, without our even knowing it. The energies in us cause us to engage in the ritualistic worship of these entities, which are placed within the Hollywood actors and musicians.
Now here’s how it works!!(This is interesting…..Anointed Vessel)

 “The Mickey Mouse Club”. Fellow cast members of MMC include Christina Aguilera, Keri Russell, and J.C Chasez, who all went on to become famous adults. The Illuminati initiate these poor souls while they are too young to know any better, and program them using C.I.A mind control techniques, as well as black magic entity possession. They raise an entire generation from infancy to adulthood with the “stars” they create. The masses are to be controlled via their control of these teen idols, turning them into nothing more than living voodoo dolls, puppets on strings for the rest of us to idolize and mimic. No doubt the Illuminati took great pleasure in flaunting this fact with the music video for a song called “bye bye bye” performed by Timberlake and Chasez’s group Nsync. In this video, the 5 stars are strung up as puppets, on a stage which is features the two pillars of Joachin and Boaz, and the masonic checkerboard pattern. The men are manipulated from above by a giant grinning woman who pulls the strings. The Illuminati puppeteer these stars, bringing them together and raising their status, only to then break them apart as they will, casting a giant spell over those who are watching and following the gossip tabloids and magazines. A prime example of this is the now infamous rise and fall of Britney Spears.
Britany Spears was raised up by Disney and it’s affiliate music company, to be the most popular singer, and the number one teen idol of her time. Portrayed as a virgin schoolgirl in the beginning of her musical career, we saw Spears morph into an over-sexualized, under-dressed temptress before our eyes. Dragged through the tabloids, her personal and professional life were eventually destroyed by the Illuminati, with Britney herself suffering a very public mental collapse.
In this mind control system, certain characters are reincarnated into the matrix, in order to serve a specific function, just as was indicated in the “Babalon Workings” ritual performed by Jack Parsons. The Illuminati incarnate their “gods” and “goddesses” into an initiate, through an elaborate ritual where they invoke the spirit of the entity to rise through. The most common is the “Lady in Red”, or the Scarlet Woman. The color red induces a stronger electrical reaction in the brain than any other color, and is the first color recognized by infants as their vision develops. The Lady in Red appears in nearly every movie, and is invoked by female stars, usually in the form of a red dress, and red lipstick. The Lady in Red represents the worldly, materialistic aspects life that distract us from spiritual growth. An idealized symbol of success and beauty that is in fact entirely un-attainable. This concept is known as Dunya (worldly) in Islam
From Disney to  hat tip for a lot of the pictures

In order to understand the most powerful mind control weapon, the television, let us take a look at the origins of television.
Sir William Crookes was a highly respected physicist in the Victorian era. Crookes not only attended the “Dark Mirror” rituals of the Golden Dawn, but was also a leading member of The Society For Phychical Research in California. Sir William Crookes had invented several devices, which could measure the existence of tiny elemental particles, such as electrons. Sir William Crookes believed that spirits in the ether were capable of moving small primary particles like protons and electrons. Crookes developed the Cathode Ray Tube, the most important element of the modern television.
Firing billions of electrons on a glass screen covered in phosphorus, these pioneering experiments produced amorphous, fuzzy speckles on a glass screen. By staring at the Cathode Ray Tube image, Crookes realized that spirits might somehow be invoked to arrange these particles into an image of the spirit world. Crookes experimented further with the Cathode Ray Tube, and places a Maltese Cross inside it, then bombarded it with streams of electrons. The Maltese Cross is an ancient symbol used by Magicians, Kabalists, loyal Satanists, Nazis, and the infamous American Phi Beta Cappa Secret Society.
Crookes managed to create a shadowy image at the other end of the cathode ray tube, which was the first electrically created image known to man. In his memoirs, Sir William Crookes said that it was possible for spirits to manipulate the the electrons to influence the image on the screen. Crookes would go on to become the President for the Society for Phychical Research and inspired Sir Oliver Lodge’s research into the ether and the spirit worlds. The Crookes version of the Cathode Ray Tube would become one of the most fundamental component in the development of television,
devised FORTY YEARS LATER, by a Scotsman named John Logie Baird. Television, an invention which eventually the whole world would come to be enslaved by, was inspired in part by research into the spirit world.


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