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Child Execution Reversed

May 6, 2010

Child Execution Reversed
By Juda Myers
March 4, 2010

Claire was sentenced to death in Las Vegas, Nevada. The saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” But this has to be told. It’s impossible to believe that any judge would rule in favor of the death penalty under any circumstance. But Jamie Stout, acting judge for the case, felt there was no other choice. A mock trial without a jury and without proper defense ended in the harshest verdict possible, determining that the child’s crime against her mother was punishable by death. Claire’s mother was torn. She knew what society thought and didn’t have the strength to fight.

The execution was scheduled for November 9, 2010. Preparations were started and the clock was ticking to Claire’s final breath. The play by play report appeared on Facebook with desperate pleas for prayer of a reversal. A miracle was needed. The evidence in Claire’s favor was overwhelming but only the judge could reverse the order. Even then doctors would have to fight to save Claire’s life.

Testimonies, with overwhelming evidence that could not be ignored, came moments after the procedure had begun. But would it be too late?

Claire began her life like any other child – created in the image of God. Conceived out of wedlock, her mother faced a very tough life. Drugs and another unplanned pregnancy 11 years earlier led to thoughts of hopelessness. Claire’s sister was being raised by her grandparents. Claire would be just another burden or so her mother thought.

On the day of the execution people were insensitive to Claire’s mother telling her it would all be over soon. No compassion for her or her child.

Jamie Stout was not only the judge in this case but she was also Claire’s mother. Feeling alone without real choices Jamie had ruled without a hearing against her innocent child. However, hope remained in Jamie’s friend Marina until literally the last moment.

Just outside the abortion clinic Jamie’s father waited helplessly for his daughter. He didn’t want Claire to die but he thought he had no say. This was a woman’s choice right? But Marina knew that wasn’t true. So many lives were at stake here.

Marina was waiting outside the clinic for her dear friend. She pleaded with Jamie to just listen. Marina was desperate to save that baby but also to save Jamie too. Marina works at First Choice Pregnancy Services in Las Vegas and has seen the joy in mothers who made the right choice. She has also seen the despair and trauma in women who did not.

With Jamie laying inside the car writhing in pain she listened to Marina as best she could. Marina asked Jamie if she wanted the baby. “It’s too late Marina,” Jamie cried. “It may not be,” Marina quickly replied. Marina asked again, “Do you want your baby? If you do you’ve got to decide now!” Both Jamie and her father wanted that second chance. The clock was ticking and there were no guarantees but the execution order had been reversed and they rushed to the emergency room.

Pam Caylor, director of First Choice played a vital part in saving Claire. She knew that laminaria could be removed from the cervix. Laminaria is a match stick like seaweed product used to dilate the cervix. Moisture causes them to expand forcing the cervix to open making it possible to remove the baby in a day or two. Jamie experienced intense pain during this process.

Marina had asked Mrs. Caylor for advice about Jamie. If the baby had not been killed first by an injection into its heart, there would be a chance of saving her. Pam called doctors trying to find one that would remove the laminaria but found rejection over and over. Finally a doctor agreed. The hospital was slow and reluctant to take the situation seriously but the doctor attended to Jamie. He came out of the room very discouraged saying he couldn’t remove the laminaria. He had never done this before. Mrs. Caylor stood firm, looked at the doctor, told him that he certainly could remove them and to get back in there and try again. So he did. Using more force he successfully removed thirteen laminaria. Jamie had been told there were only three. The abortion doctor had placed more laminaria to speed the normal three day process up to two days without Jan’s knowledge.

It wasn’t over. Since Jamie’s cervix had already dilated a great deal it was a danger to Claire’s survival. The doctor had no confidence that Claire would survive. The prayers went out again along with appreciation for all that was done so far.

Claire’s life hung on a miracle for forty-eight hours. That was the time doctors watched to see if the cervix would close on its own. With Jamie lying in bed, her father and friends by her side, the report was given. A miracle had happened and the cervix had closed up without stitches, without any problems. Claire was given another chance at life.

Prayers were answered. Sonograms showed a healthy active little girl dancing inside her ‘now safe’ womb.
I had the overwhelming pleasure of seeing Claire for myself, while her mom and big sister swelled with emotion. The room was filled with a joy I find hard to describe. Life filled the room.

Jamie has since turned her life around. She has given her life to Jesus Christ. She knows the peace that passes all understanding and has a hope for the future like never before. Jamie has no regrets.

Jamie went into labor on Marina’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. It was as if Claire wanted to show gratitude to Marina for intervening and saving her life.

Jamie said, “For the first time my head is so clear and I know I have a purpose.”

These lives are just a few that are changed forever because of the dedication of people like Marina and Pam Caylor.
My life also was saved because of people with conviction that all life deserves a lifetime. Pregnant from an 8 man rape my mother chose life for me. She, like Jamie, has no regrets and I am forever grateful.

Won’t you consider standing for or speaking out for the unborn? People like Jamie, Claire and I will thank you for life.

We shouldn’t have exceptions in the right to life.

©2010 Juda Myers – All Rights Reserved. Email: 

Juda Myers Freedom Ministries

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