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The B-I-B-L-E Yep That’s The Book For Me…..KJV that is….

May 6, 2010

Good Day.. AV Readers, it seems, ( strangely enough), that  several places are trying to put the Bible back in school,  but I have an inkling that it will be faaaaaaar from what we may want as the Body of Christ.  Soooo,  I propose that we all brush up on our Bible reading,  because sooner or later,  and I think it will be sooner.  The King James version of the Bible or anything remotely looking like it, will stop being sold and the NIV (new illuminati world order version and worse),  will be sold and taught to our children.  This is one of the enemies more slicker campaigns.  Just like cooking some types of seafood,  you throw them in the pot,  and slowly raise the heat and they slowly die,  and never realize it.  Deception,  how slick!  As a parent,  I have always believed education begins and ends at home.  To that end I have started a home Bible course for my little family,  and it begins with me having a firm handle,  and understanding of the scriptures.  With my silly schedule,  I was at a loss as to how I was going to get this done,  then I stumbled across this Gem.  Calvary Chapel resources site ,  on this site,  you will hear pastor Chuck Smith read the bible verse by verse,  stopping every now and then,  to draw parallels between the Old Testament,  and the New Testament.  One really neat feature,  are the notes beside each set of chapters. This is a great way to reinforce what you read,  and gives you great talking points for home bible discussions. One of the most important points is to pick up the differences in the Bible translations.  Here is a good study example that I like to use.  Right now I am in the book of Genesis (KJV),  and will be reading chapters 39-41,  later I will listen to Pastor Chuck Smith read those same chapters from NKJV, (way better than watching tv).  The way he reads,   is a breath of fresh air.  Every now and again,  he will pull in a short anecdote of his own to go along with the scripture that he is emphasising,  which brings “uh hah!”  moments at one turn,   and “ha ha” moments at another.   So if you are looking for a time wise,  and family friendly way to get through the Bible,   I’d say take this site out for a spin.   Of course this is in no way,  a substitute for going to church.  By all means go to church,  as a matter of fact this actually makes going to church more fun.   If you are a lay member it makes you more familiar with the Bible in general, and as a church leader,  it makes you waaaaay more effective! For me personally,  it brings my little family closer,  and gives my child a sharper sword,  as part of her overall armour to guard against the enemy. 

 Psalms 119:11 KJV

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee”

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Home Bible Study Banned In California

One of the reasons why I stress KJV along with NKJV yes I know the NJKV has a lot of omissions and commissions but the NKJV can be used as a study aid in lieu of getting a Greek lexicon or learning Hebrew.

The Teen NIV Version Of The Bible Is Hiding Something

 The picture to the left is found in the TNIV Bible (another reason why parents and children need to study the Bible TOGETHER!!!!!)

Wescott and Hort’s Magic chart: Almost all modern translations(I want to say transgressions) of the Bible use this chart!

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