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Another Tiara tumbling down down down…..

May 17, 2010

What is this?  Stripper-gate number 1000?  How many times, have these young women been warned to keep their clothes on?  What is even more shocking,  is that this poor young lady,  came from one of the most conservative religions in the world.   Rima Fakih belongs to a “Powerful Shiite Muslim family” as MSNBC.COM put it.  I (the writer of the post and blog),  am Christian not Muslim,  but I have to say that,  to see another woman go through this is disheartening.  Forget what religion she is,  this is just humiliating to all women .  Less than 24 hours after the Cinderella like Tiara was put upon her head,  the dreamlike moment didn’t just go in a puff of smoke, and fairytale sprinkles,  it was blotted out,  with the blackest ink of dredged up secrets of what was done when nobody was looking.  I want to believe,  Ms.  Fakih like so many other hopeful’s with dreamy eyes,  and whispers of success in their ears,  was willing to do whatever it took within reason, “to make it”.  Ms. Fakih was “cursed with beauty”,  as silly as that sounds,  some women do the college thing,  they follow their parents orders, but seem to take no solace in walking the straight and narrow.  These children for whatever reason,  have a need to do more,  exceed their tightly set social,  economic or religious boundaries.  Some may even live a double life,  fueled by the desire to go beyond the mold they were born into.  Don’t get me wrong,  they are not trying to do anything untoward usually,  just like Ms. Fakih ,  some just want to sing, or play a sport, or enter a contest.   The problem with that is,  not the way that they go about,  it but it is who goes about it with them.  It’s these children the ones with wonderlust, wide-eyed ambition,  and happy feet,  that are prime candidates for scandals and the tattle rags that make money from them.  These poor souls always,  always,  always,  get caught,  and for some reason,  whatever they do they have to do it big.  You know… bells, whistles, neon lights, parades, floats the whole nine.  If you go google this girl,  she wasn’t just some little quiet Muslim girl,  who wore a Hijab, went to temple and back home.  Ms. Fakih flirted with boundaries, recently wrote about her preparation for Miss USA on a blog and  posted the pictures on the internet,  she cast herself,  or (was cast rather),  as a social butterfly.  She was the perfect prey for a dirty, rotten, low down, scoundrel,  to take her down.  I believe it was a set-up,  just like so many before her. The story is just way too convenient.   Some schlub of a scout saw her potential a couple of years ago,  and probably befriended her,  then in no particular order:  schooled her,  took pictures,  shopped her around ,  which is probably how she got into that stupid stripper contest, ( if that’s what it was), ” and the rest as they say, is  history”.  This person/so-called friend/schlub just sat back,  and gave her enough rope to hang herself (proverbially that is).  They knew she would win, as a matter of fact, this has happened so many times,  I am wondering if there aren’t some type of money exchanges, or betting rings, going on in the pageantry business starting with the youngest,  right on to MISS. Universe,  MISS Galaxy,  or wherever they stop the madness.  Now the first, (some say second) Arab-American to win a national pageant,  is fighting to fix her mess, and the cool cat that set her up,  is probably laughing all the way to the bank,  with every picture he or she, (more likely several he’s),  sells to all the news media, and tattle rags who are willing to pay good money for disgrace, while chomping at the bit to report this  so called news.   What a shame!  America when are we going to start looking at women for what they are worth?  Not a piece of meat to decorate,  and lay down with, but a help meet, a mother to our children, a soul mate, a complement.

Look at the pictures of the little pageant girls I have posted on this site….

When I was little I played with dolls, which reinforced my future maternal instincts.

I later played hide and seek, which developed problem solving skills, and my ability to adapt to rapidly changing situations.

I played dodge ball, which taught me how to think on my feet, dodge danger, fall,  and quickly recover.

I played in trees, which taught me how to challenge myself, and overcome obstacles.

I learned how to ride a bike, which taught me balance, intuition , observation skills and the rules of the street.

This list could go on for an hour; the question is, what are these poor little souls learning outside of pasting on a fake smile, and parading their goods for others to vote on, how well they present them?  For what!? a scholarship? Huh!  Go to school girls,  play in the mud,  look like a nerd,  put on makeup when your much much older, make a mess with it,  look like a clown the first few times you put it on like I did.  Trial and error, not perfection,  is how you will find out what will make you look the best.  If you don’t like what you see,  let the judges be you,  and the mirror,  that’s it.  A mirror will never lie to you, get a good one.   When someone, (some guy/schlub/dude/man of your dreams ),  gives you a complement,  you should feel confident enough, to not be blown away and fall for a cheap line but say….thank you,  I meant to look nice before I left.  I appreciate you noticing.  That’s not cocky it’s smart.  Another thing,  it will send the Dogs that are out for your pants, packing.  Dogs don’t know how to respond,  when a smart woman opens her mouth.  You are wonderfully made and shaped by God,  no contest in the world can undo that!

Ps.  If you weren’t raised in an environment that validated you,  and you have issues with your esteem, or self worth,  it’s not to late…  Get to know Jesus Christ, He will validate you for the rest of eternity.



My final thoughts….. Ban pageantry,  the system is flawed. For heaven sakes look at how young they introduce the children to competition. Children dressed like adults in the best of situations, are often exposed to  pedophilia rings, and sexual abuse,  from people who follow these pageants because,  they are enchanted by little girls who look like women.  Some children suffer  other abuses,  by parents trying to live their dreams vicariously through their own poor children.  This practice knows no race,  no gender, no national lines,  and the harm done to the self esteem, has no statute of limitations.  Just like I titled this post

Somewhere out there…. Another Tiara is tumbling down down down……literally….

~Anointed Vessel

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