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More Bird Brained Behavior…And Other Things

June 3, 2010

She went from Daddy’s little girl,  and America’s little sweet heart,  to something that a psychologist,  along with a demonologist,  and an exorcist,  might be able to explain.   The latest video is so disturbing,  I only watched the first 30 seconds of it,  and for the information on this post, I just looked at screen shots.  I feel very sorry for this young lady,  and pray that her soul not be lost for the love of money.  She is but a commodity,  a rag doll, for the industry to dress up,  throw around,  and command like a robot.  In an earlier post I spoke about the worship of Dionysus,  and Lilith.  The not so subtle references to these god/demigods,  or demons (take your pick), is seen through the symbolism in album cover art, costumes, lyrics, publicity photos, dance moves, make-up, backward masking,  and subliminal messaging etc.  In Miley Cyrus’ latest video from her album “I can’t be tamed”  Not many explanations are needed for what is seen,  however;  prayer is in order, for her,  and for all of the other puppets,  being utilized to enslave young minds,  to the hypnotic rhythms,  and imagery flashed across the screen.  The audio is also weaponized in this music,  the producer’s having decided to use the increasingly popular “auto tune” to give the all too familiar robotic synthesized vocals that makes it sound as though the artist has another voice singing along with their own voice.  The listener is bombarded with sounds that no human vocal chords could naturally make,  creeping every so close to the sounds that possibly Lucifer made when he was in heaven.  His body was a virtual instrument,  and he may have been capable of singing with several voices,  and make the sounds of several instruments.  With auto tune,  artists are sounding like guitars,  synthesizers, and robots,  some voices have been pushed so far down into the bass,  that they barely register discernible words, while others sound more like a bunch of chipmunks.  All of these techniques where not used in this video,  but this is an example of how insidious this technology is.  To our brains it is more noise than music,  so we instinctively focus on the beat,  while our subconscious quickly and ever efficient,  downloads the rest of the song.  In Miley’s new video They use both a technique I like to term “Audio Assault” and “Visual Assault” to get their satanic message across.  After viewing these pictures,  I wanted to know,  just who is raising this child who is still a minor?  Her parents need to be fired!  

For all of you who think Lilith worship is not for the young at heart,  or has gone the way of the dinosaurs,  THINK AGAIN.  Here is a picture of a demon character on the show Supernatural,  whose name was, (take a random guess), “Lilith.  The thing that shocked my socks off,  and left my shoes on, was the fact that the character was played by a little girl.  The devil and his buddies in  Holly-weird don’t play fair,  and the game just got a little stranger. 

Speaking on the topic of  Audio Assaults,  I stumbled across some very strange websites as I did some research on sound waves and Extremely Low Frequency and High Frequency research (I will post more on ELF’s later).  What I found, and what I will show you, disturbed me to the point of nearly losing sleep,  I had to pray against a spirit of fear.  So before I show you I will pray this prayer.

Father,  I ask that you cover us with the shed blood of your son Jesus who died for us on Calvary.  I come against the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus.  I resist the plans of the enemy to use any information that I have sought out to inform people of  the tactics and tools of the enemy, against us.  It is in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

The New Tools what I unnafectionately call Audio Assaults

The Talking Billboard

About two years ago I posted something about a show on A&E and they had a billboard that used a remarkable technology called “Holosonics”  where basically they can direct sound at you in the form of a narrow beam.  In short this was voice to skull technology and it was nothing short of magic to some people and nightmarish to others.  To me,  it was the beginning of many things to come, and those things were not very nice…

Things that go bump in the night,  and for all those that want the dictionary word….. Infra-sound

The human ear can register sound from 20Hz to 20,oooHz but then you get into the weird ranges that start tinkering with our Spidey senses and things go haywire…

Getting High On Sound…Yeah You Read It Correctly

In the article above dated 2008 Kim Komando thinks this will be a passing phase….  pshaw….. please!!!! It’s digital, cheap, and legal, believe me when I tell you, it started becoming popular in 2007,  parents found out about it in 2008, and  it’s reaching epidemic proportions now in 2010.  Just wait a year or so,  there will probably be a reality show about I-Doser  junkies.  Take a look at the video below,  to see the results of one of the more sinister Audio Assaults.  The poor young man’s body reacts as though he is having a seizure,  his torso raises up, he seems to grunt,  his fists are balled up,  and he begins to look like he is going to go into a full on tonic -clonic seizure,  then he manages to pull out the ear bud head phones one at a time.  The action of pulling out the head phones,  seems to be painful and take all the energy he had left.  The name of this particular I-Doser Audio Assault is called Gates of Hades.  It should be renamed (The beginning of the end…just plain sad).

After looking at all of that look at God’s Audio handiwork to clean your pallet and ease your mind, and to top it off he makes it fun to do.

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