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I Hate Housecleaning….Uhm Blogcleaning

July 13, 2010

Ok everyone  I tried singing the clean up.. clean up.. every body… everywhere song,  chewing gum,  and eating a popsicle.  It ain’t helping,  I had to go ahead,  and bite the bullet and clean up this mess of a Blog I have,  even though I am feeling Waaaaaay under the weather this needed to be done, because stuff is popping up missing,  and reporting as broken pages,  and links and I have had two concerned readers call,  and ask if I was ok.  (Thanks BTW)  So here I am to save the daaaaaaay  Mighty Mouth is on the waaaaaaaay!  hahaha some of yall missed that one! yah I still got jokes even when I am sick!  Ok so heres the scoop,  I have dumped about 30 or so posts into hard copy form so that I can get them a copyright paper type not just internet type.  Everynow and then I have to pull off my thoughts,  and put them on hard paper and hard drive and copy right them the expensive way and that process is under way.  Soooo what does that mean for you guys?  Well I guess I will just have to crank out a couple of juicy posts for you to soak in,  they oughta be rather interesting too.  I have been sitting on my hands,  but I have felt led to not say a whole lot, instead Ihave been sitting back and kind of watching things.  So yep I will be having quite a bit to say soon,  so stay tuned.


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