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Awaiting,Dating and mating….

September 28, 2010

You guys all know, (those that have read anything that I write concerning this subject), that I am against going out on the scene to find a mate if you are female. I am also against dating just to be doing so, or  to make sure you find your right mate. I have said it once and I will be happy to say it a thousand times. the bible says (paraphrased..”a man that findeth a wife findeth a good thing). Ok, I am not sure you can get any clearer than that statement. Nowhere did I see, read, or hear, that a “woman that findeth a good man, can exhale, or can officially mark in her journal, that “She’s got her groove back”. No, no a million times no. If you see someone and you both agree that it may be worth your time, then by all means start courtship, what is that?
Basically it keeps you from wasting time, dating person after person, getting stuck in the rigamarole of booty calls and after hours lunacy… More importantly, it sets the ground rules, by simply saying, I am not going to spend any quality time with someone that I don’t feel is my husband or wife, (future tense of course). I have written a post or two on staying sane in the single game and no, it is not the easiest thing in the world to do,  however; let me just add this… My life is a whole lot less complicated because I choose to live a virtuous, celibate life. Oh yah I said it… Celibate, that means living free from the chains of premarital sex and all that comes with that messy package. So for all of you that have truely grown tired of my standing on the soabox preaching about this…allow me to offer a fresh alternative from a source that I believe speaks truth and wisdom
Check it out.
click the link: Waiting Dating and Mating Website by pastor Rondy Long


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