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Hi and Welcome to Anointed Vessel

This is the place where you can pull up a chair and listen to me rant while I stand on my soapbox and tell off the world!!! Ha! well that’s not all I do, I inform people of my opinion which is the right one (of course). On a serious note, I am tired of the News media, TV, Politics and a whole host of things that I think can be safely addressed on this blog with an obviously Christian bias, coming from yours truly . If you have an opinion let me know it’s a free country leave me a comment.

New Stuff

huuuuuh Ok  I have been asked by a few caring friends to at least justify my somewhat educated sounding guesstimates/answers to some of the questions I get on AVW.  So here you go

I went to High school….. graduated

Went to the Military Academy of Health Sciences got a diploma as a Med Tech

Got a National Reg. *EMT cert.    at the same time and qualified as an Army field/Combat Medic

did that for my time, and got out, went to college for what seemed like forever, and graduated with a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University (Go Rams!!!!!)

My Major Focus Area was Health Science requiring ridiculously long times studying genetics, bio,chem and eveything else to the point of sickness uuuuuugh….

My Two Minor Focus Areas were Religious Studies and Psychology, requiring ridiculously long times in studying….. oh just forget it….. trust me I had to get over 150 credits to get this degree versus a regular degree only requiring 120.  Am I qualified to answer some questions?   Hmm Maybe 1 or 2.

*currently I maintain my state EMT cert at all times for  rescue purposes.

What about your spelling and Gramir?   Hey I dydnt go to skool 2 b an englysh teecher.    that’s what the editers r for wenever they get tyme.

Anointedvessels Weblog has 3 editors

1. and 2. are pastors T. and N. W. (dad and mom), they are my sounding board , voice of reason, and censors they are the ones that tell me to turn down the heat and keep it Godly minded versus carnal minded!

3. Elder T. A. or TEAII an elder at his church  he and his wife are wonderful friends and I cherish the input he gives me.  Visit his website My Future In Focus

go there and get some tips on how to better yourself in all areas!  I have and it’s worth it go look and see!!!

Unless otherwise noted all work you see on “Anointedvessels Weblog” are the intellectual property of Yours Truly KDW and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No derivative Works 3.0 United States License


You got questions…I got answers

this is the question and answer section below…..

1. Hey why do you put that Creative Commons stuff on your page anyway?

Well it started a couple years ago when I handed in a couple papers and made a couple of statements in college, and then I wind up hearing them again in a MAJOR way! I knew it was me because of the way I talk, it was word for word. The problem was they took my work and used it in a derogatory way! From that point on I learned to put a rubber  stamp on it! At the end of the year, everything goes to an editor and get’s a US copyright, which is no more protection than this, but is needed if I intend to get an ISBN number, to publish in book form. This is a requirement of some publisher’s.

2. What about stuff that is already copy righted?

My rules about Copy right is that you copy it right!!! link to this site because I will always source correctly or either do your own homework and link to THAT site. Keep it honest folks

3.  There are rules here

No bathroom talk (Damn, Hell and Ass in their biblical usage are allowed) that is it. If you come in here both guns drawn you will be censored I will keep your post but not your mishandling of the English language you will get the internet equivalent of a bleep *****.

4. What is Fair use? Public Domain?

Fair use is a lot like Public Domain to get the ins and outs I suggest you look it up and make yourself familiar with the rules and mark all of the things that you use that fall into that category.

5. Are you citing Every Stock Photo’s?

Since I use lots of photos I am in the process of making a photo gallery which links all of my photos to there respective home pages or pages of origin. I find listing all of them at the end of my posts getting to be messy so I don’t do it, but yes I do know where they come from and yes I do plan on giving credit, I’m just being lazy and that will be remedied very soon.

Sorry that’s it folks  I used to put up here where I attended church and who I had fellowship with but times are a changing and that is no longer acceptable for security reasons.  Thank you for your consideration.


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  1. March 4, 2008 6:38pm

    Thanks for checking out my blog. Its good to see a Christian bias.

    God bless,


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